Friday, December 7, 2018

Dirty John: From Podcast to TV

Any podcast listeners out there? If so, Dirty John is one you just have to check out. It's perfect for those who listen regularly and it's a good starting point for those who have never listened before. It's a true crime story that pulls you in, with unbelievable details. You can't stop listening because you can't believe what is happening. You wonder why a mother of three, married 4 times falls for a man within months of meeting him. She supports him, buys a house for him, and very quickly marries him. I say it's suspicious from the start. If reading those details doesn't peak your interest, maybe you need to see it. Bravo is now airing Dirty John as a limited series starring Connie Britton, from Friday Night Lights and Nashville.

I have only watched on episode. So this blog isn't about telling you how good the television show is. I was wondering if Bravo could pull it off. I was worried it would feel more like a Lifetime movie. Well the Lifetime feeling is there, but it is supported by more accomplished actors and that might make the difference. It remains to be seen. I enjoyed episode one and will be going back for more. 

The actual true crime began in 2014. That's when Deborah Newell went online to find love. She said she wanted someone to share her success with. That's where she found John. Deborah's story starts off pretty normal. Many people are making profiles on dating websites. It's when her daughters start to question their mom's new companion that things get interesting. Deborah basically ignores their concerns. The girls tell her there is something about John that they don't like. They insist he is not who he says he is. Deborah doesn't want anything taking away her happiness. She thinks everything is perfect.

Of course the truth finds a way of coming out, and eventually things don't add up for Deborah. Unfortunately the truth puts her in serious danger.  This man she thought was perfect, is anything but. He is violent, controlling, conniving and very persuasive. Trying to get away from a man like this could cost Deborah her life. Those around her saw it from the start but Deborah was in denial. Her willingness to believe anything for love, is what will connect views to Deborah's story. Many people can relate to being blinded by love. In this case, Deborah's desperate need for love and happiness lead her down a trail of tragedy. 

There is a disclaimer that the program is based on real people but some things have been changed. This is always in the case when real life stories are put on television. I am hoping the producers and writers stick close to the podcast. What Deborah Newell went through is interesting in itself, it doesn't need to be dramatized for a greater affect. When it's all said and done on Bravo and you think you need more Dirty John, turn to the podcast to satisfy your curiosity. 

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Reboots: is anyone still laughing at Will & Grace?

It's amazing really. With all the content available networks think the thing to do is return to the original successful television series. Find those old actors, bring them out of retirement and try to make an old thing new again. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. With Will & Grace I think it still works.

I didn't think I would watch again, but one night with nothing to do I turned it on. It's the same old show, with older actors, a newer story line, and definitely a new confidence to push the envelope on a "regular" network. My younger children would like to watch., but with what I have seen so far, the jokes are not for children. This is a comedy that is trying to compete with cable networks, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime.. you get the idea. It's raising the bar on the jokes, and using language I don't usually hear on NBC before 9. I am not offended in the least, but I imagine some of you are.

It's funny. The acting at first seemed a little rough. Jack and Karen still have that chemistry, but Will & Grace had to work out some kinks. I would have been fine with the Will & Jack show, but I guess they thought Grace was necessary so she is doing her best to fit back in. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't.

A great addition to the show is ROSS from Friends. I guess we don't call him Ross any more. David Schwimmer is fun and funny. He is Grace's love interest and since her character needs a little help from time to time, in my opinion, I am glad he is there. Remembering all the Friends characters, Schwimmer wasn't my favorite, but he always did a solid job then and he is doing it now.

If you need a little comedy in your life, turn on Will & Grace. I know some people can't take the politics. It does get a little too much sometimes, but that's when I hit delete on my DVR. Not every comedy gets it right every time. I don't belly laugh at every episode,  but I do belly laugh at more often then not. It's hard to find a good comedy. On the cable and streaming services I often run into funny, but it can be very adult heavy. Will & Grace will throw in some surprising jokes and language, but that's probably when I laugh the hardest.

Someone said Laughter is the best medicine, and I really believe that is true. We need to laugh, probably more than we do. I know I could use more laughter in my life. While I search to find more funny I will lean on Will & Grace. If you have a minute, you should too. There is nothing better than sore abs, and a hurting face from too much laughing.

TGIF and my DVR is full : It's been a while- Let's talk Anatomy

TGIF and my DVR is full : It's been a while- Let's talk Anatomy: I know it's been forever. I tell you Cancer can really get in the way of blogging. With the said it doesn't keep me from watching al...

Sunday, November 4, 2018

It's been a while- Let's talk Anatomy

I know it's been forever. I tell you Cancer can really get in the way of blogging. With the said it doesn't keep me from watching all my favorite shows. So we should talk about Anatomy. Greys that is. Who is still watching. I am a loyal fan and all I can say is I can take some of the show and I can leave other parts. We will start with the taking.

After all these years we finally see Owen with a smile on his face, and I think the show is going to turn that smile upside down. So maybe this belongs in the leave section. I just want the man to enjoy his life for a while. I love his little made up family. But we all know he has always wanted a baby of his own, and if Leo's mom gets it together she is taking that baby away. Teddy's baby will make him smile, but then we have to look at Amelia's smile turned upside down and I don't know if I can take that. I was just starting to like her again.

Loving Joe and Alex. Such a cute little couple. I am not liking Alex in that stuffy suit and tie as the chief. I hope that position is passed on to someone who looks better dressed up. I love Alex looking rough. I do love the addition of Link. He is nice to look at and I like that he has a history with Joe so that can add some layers to her and Alex's relationship. Now does Link need to hook with Meredith??? I would say I could leave that. I had read an article Meredith is going to end up with the guy from How I Met Your Mother? He was better known as Ted Mosby on that hit show that run its course, and now he is joining this hit show that just won't quit. Mer and former Ted went on a date in one of the previous episodes. I know it seemed like it wasn't going to go anywhere, but I did see a little chemistry. Also they met by mistake. They actually thought they were on a blind date, when they were supposed to be on a blind date with someone else. So can I say Fate!!! All these dreams of her with Deluca... what is that???? I think I can leave that storyline, but she keeps dreaming about him, and he is rather dreamy.

Then there is Maggie and Jackson. For some reason I can not get on board with this relationship. I am not sure why. I think I wanted him to be with April. I am very story the show decided to get rid of Kepner. I really liked her character and her chemistry with Jackson. I don't see much with Maggie. I just feel like she is such a good surgeon and she is smart and beautiful and she doesn't radiate any of that when she speaks. I feel like she is always confused, always trying to figure things out, and can't make a decision without consulting a dozen people.

The new interns are ok. I feel like introducing a new male intern to hook up with the other new male intern is fine, but I hope this storyline leads to something that adds to the show. I just don't want to see the shows writers and producers put in a gay couple to replace the gay couple they lost with Callie and Arizona. I want them to make this pairing mean something.

That's all I got on this one right now. Feels good to be back at the computer. Hoping you're still watching and maybe making time to read my thoughts. Let me know what you think and what you're watching.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Come On Grey's it Season 13 lets stop Owen's Bleeding

Two episodes in, after winter break, and I am still feeling sorry for Owen Hunt. Maybe some of you can't relate because Owen just isn't your character on Grey's Anatomy, well he  isn't mine either, but I can only take so much. It's time for Amelia to jump off a bridge, or woMAN up and act like a normal person. I am so tired of all of her garbage and now it is stinking up Owen who has been bleeding since Christina left. I just want the man to be happy. I think with all he has been through he deserve that. Don't you Shonda Rhimes??? Fix Owen by getting him away from broken Amelia.

Speaking of broken: Jo. She gives Warren the "leave me along, I am tough as nails" speech. Please stop!! Jo should hold hands with Amelia when she jumps off the bridge. I get it, she has had a hard life. The bottom line is she didn't trust Alex to tell the truth and it turned into a misunderstanding and Alex loosing his shit on DeLuca. So in this most recent episode we have Jo feeling sorry for Jo. She blames herself for Alex going to prison. Alex is responsible for his actions, but Jo did initiate the avalanche. I have said from the beginning I really don't like her and Alex together. So I hope in the future she can learn to really trust, and relax and start enjoying life. I just hope that she does all of this without Alex.

I am still Team Meralex (i need to work on sounds like a laxative). I would love to see Meredith and Alex form a stronger bond that goes beyond friendship. They have always been there for each other and I think it would be when the show decides to end its run that they end up together. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime I am loving her concern for him, and his need for her support.

I am also enjoying Richard and his people rallying around him. Bailey is on my last nerve, but I am not having her jump off a bridge just yet. She upset me when she was giving Warren attitude, and now Richard. It's just good to see Richard pushing back. I don't dislike the new girl trying to implement change. I do enjoy her character and hope she sticks around for Arizona. Since Callie moved away Arizona needs a little excitement so she doesn't blend in with the wallpaper.

I do love my Grey's Anatomy. It's hard to believe I am still watching after 13 seasons. I am a loyal fan. I still think there are stories to tell with these characters, and the medical cases are still entertaining. Keep up the good work Grey's people, just need some little tweaks here and there. I know toxic people and situations make conflict and conflict makes tv life more entertaining. I guess I would say just spread out the toxin. Owen has had enough. #greysanatomyseason13
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Monday, October 24, 2016

The Walking Dead: All I Can Say Is WOW!

I held my breath the entire episode because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My stomach still hurts today because of what I saw. If you don't want to know -- don't read any further, because we are going to have to talk spoilers.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered last night and it was violent, it was gruesome, it was emotional, and in my opinion it was very well done. Instead of opening with who dies from the wrath of Negan, it kept you guessing for quite some time. You'll remember last season ended with Jeffery Dean Morgan's character putting Rick and all of his friends in a semi-circle. Negan forced them to stay on their knees while listening to his crazy tirade about how things were going to be from now on. To prove he was now in charge, he told the group he was going to kill someone and that's how Season 6 ended. It would have been easy to show us who he killed right in the opening, but instead the episode made us wonder who was really gone, who's sniffles and screams we were hearing in the background, and was there still a chance everyone was getting out alive? No chance, in fact those who made are still alive might be wishing they were dead.

It took about 15 minutes before we see Negan select his first victim. He took his bat, complete with spikes, and crushed Abraham's skull. Abraham wasn't my first guess, but I can see why he was chosen. Abraham was big and strong and he got the job done, but he hasn't always been the easiest to control.  I could see Negan seeing him as a potential threat. When you look at a group, trying to pick out people to bully, Abraham doesn't really fit the stereotype. In fact, I think Abraham has squashed a few bullies in his time. With that said he made an easy target, and Negan took aim.

Abraham's death was hard to watch. The screams of the others as they see their friends brains splattered everywhere was hard to hear. Negan used so much force during the beating that you see Abraham's blood fly onto Rick's face. That blood remained on his face the entire episode.
Courtesy: AMC
You see close ups of the others and the tears slowly rolling out of their eyes. They don't say a word, but they moan and cry as it's all happening terrified of what will happen next. The camera focuses on Rick and through his eyes you see the story unfold. Through flashbacks you see moments Rick had with Abraham and the others. At first I thought the flashbacks were telling us that Negan killed everyone. If I had time to think about it, I would have found that hard to believe, but since I was too busy holding my breath and screaming "oh no!" in my head, I just kept watching. It took the second death for me to look away.

The blow Glenn took to the head was absolutely terrible. We watched him struggle to say his final words to Maggie as she watched the life slowly leave his body. His death was not quick, and it was not painless. Negan made sure he suffered. Before he died he told Maggie he would find her. It was a touching moment for a couple who deserved a better ending. It's too bad viewers had to get over his almost death in Season 6, only to have to deal with his slow, gory, tragic death before their very eyes at the opening of Season 7. At one point you saw just his hand twitching, talk about brutal. And then we had to watch Maggie sob with snot going everywhere. Then the rest of his friends/family carry away what was left of his body. All I can say is, God Speed Glenn.

It was a good start to the newest season and I am eager to see where it goes from here. I am hopeful we don't have to hear too many of Negan's speeches. I love Jeffery Dean Morgan, but I don't need to hear his say the same things over and over again. I get it, he's in charge now. Everyone belongs to him. I look forward to more great moment from JDM, especially they day someone takes Negan out. I hope his bat with the spikes plays a pivotal roll in that moment.


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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This is Us on NBC could really be "Us" and that makes it Good

I have to tell you I just read several not so favorable reviews of my new favorite drama: This is Us on NBC and I am a little angry.  I have talked with friends of mine who love it, but unfortunately some of the television reviewers of the world are not on board. One of them went so far as to say it was bad. When I watch I think: This is Us could really be Us, bringing us believable story lines that people can relate to. I guess that same observation could make people change the channel.  It all depends on what you want to watch. Frankly I like a little bit of everything.  This show slows things down for me. It shows me situations that seem real. It makes me feel sadness and struggle, but I also laugh and smile. For an hour on Tuesday nights, or later in the week because I DVRed it, I enjoy watch I am watching.

I know in this day and age it might not be enough. People are turning to cable (me included) to find the television series that WOW. The great actors with the over the top story lines where you don't breath the entire hour because you are so caught up in what you are watching. That is good TV, but I don't think this show should be criticized for trying to wow us in a different way.

The storyline is developing and the acting is there. Mandy Moore is doing a great job. She plays the mother in two different time periods. One she is young and struggling with triplets. The other she is the grandmother dealing with the sins of the past and trying to control the future. Sterling K. Brown is one of my favorites from Army Wives. He plays Randall the adopted triplet. His biological father was on drugs at the time of Randall's birth, so he left him at a fire station. The firefighters brought him to the hospital where Mandy Moore's triplets were being born. One of the triplets dies during birth, so the parents (played by Moore and Milo Ventimiglia) decide to take Randall home with their other two babies. The show jumps back and forth between the time when the three are little to when they are all grown up. Each show so far has ended with a little twist that keeps us thinking, how did they get there? What will happen next?

Mandy Moore Courtesy:NBC

Sterling K. Brown Courtesy:NBC
The negative reviews I read got caught up on the twists, claiming if there is no solid story then the twists will lose their effect. They also criticized the show for not having similar qualities that other shows have, i.e: characters with super powers and crimes to solve. I can agree a little with the first, a show can't be built on twists alone, but I totally disagree with the second. This show is different and I think that's ok. If you can make a minute in your schedule you should check it out.

It does remind me of NBC's Parenthood. It moves slower than most of my other programs I watch, and there are a lot of characters and things going on. After it is over I am still thinking about it, and I like that in a show. The reviews I saw did bring back terrible memories of the articles I remember reading about Parenthood discussing how that show was ways on the bubble when it came time to renew or cancel.  Parenthood lasted 6 seasons. I watched all of them, some of them twice.  This is Us has Parenthood potential.

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