Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Come On Grey's it Season 13 lets stop Owen's Bleeding

Two episodes in, after winter break, and I am still feeling sorry for Owen Hunt. Maybe some of you can't relate because Owen just isn't your character on Grey's Anatomy, well he  isn't mine either, but I can only take so much. It's time for Amelia to jump off a bridge, or woMAN up and act like a normal person. I am so tired of all of her garbage and now it is stinking up Owen who has been bleeding since Christina left. I just want the man to be happy. I think with all he has been through he deserve that. Don't you Shonda Rhimes??? Fix Owen by getting him away from broken Amelia.

Speaking of broken: Jo. She gives Warren the "leave me along, I am tough as nails" speech. Please stop!! Jo should hold hands with Amelia when she jumps off the bridge. I get it, she has had a hard life. The bottom line is she didn't trust Alex to tell the truth and it turned into a misunderstanding and Alex loosing his shit on DeLuca. So in this most recent episode we have Jo feeling sorry for Jo. She blames herself for Alex going to prison. Alex is responsible for his actions, but Jo did initiate the avalanche. I have said from the beginning I really don't like her and Alex together. So I hope in the future she can learn to really trust, and relax and start enjoying life. I just hope that she does all of this without Alex.

I am still Team Meralex (i need to work on this..it sounds like a laxative). I would love to see Meredith and Alex form a stronger bond that goes beyond friendship. They have always been there for each other and I think it would be when the show decides to end its run that they end up together. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime I am loving her concern for him, and his need for her support.

I am also enjoying Richard and his people rallying around him. Bailey is on my last nerve, but I am not having her jump off a bridge just yet. She upset me when she was giving Warren attitude, and now Richard. It's just good to see Richard pushing back. I don't dislike the new girl trying to implement change. I do enjoy her character and hope she sticks around for Arizona. Since Callie moved away Arizona needs a little excitement so she doesn't blend in with the wallpaper.

I do love my Grey's Anatomy. It's hard to believe I am still watching after 13 seasons. I am a loyal fan. I still think there are stories to tell with these characters, and the medical cases are still entertaining. Keep up the good work Grey's people, just need some little tweaks here and there. I know toxic people and situations make conflict and conflict makes tv life more entertaining. I guess I would say just spread out the toxin. Owen has had enough. #greysanatomyseason13
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