Thursday, February 11, 2016

So Excited for TGIT on ABC

I don't know about you but I am so happy the winter break is over for my favorite shows on Thursday night. I have really been missing my Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away with Murder. Murder is my absolute favorite, but Grey's is where my loyalty lies. No matter what happens with those doctors, I can't seem to stop watching. I guess that is the whole train wreck theory, you just can't look away.

The promo for Grey's caught my attention; very intense. Meredith gets attacked by a patient, and it appears to be very serious. I am interested to see how Alex handles everything. You know in my other posts I have made it clear I would not be disappointed to see Alex and Meredith form a much closer bond then just being each other's person. I just think Alex and Jo have been kinda off lately, so it may be time to change things up. I feel a vibe, but maybe I am just reading into it. Anyone else feel it??

As for Scandal, I will be ready for the return, but not that excited. I always complain about this show and continue to watch. I do love where it started, and at times I have liked where it went. I am just not sure where it's going. It may be time to put this one to bed, but I am still hopeful for a surprise season. It happened with Revenge. I thought that show had jumped the shark and then it came out of nowhere with a new spin filled with energy. I really enjoyed the last couple of seasons of Revenge, when I was pretty sure in the middle of it's run it was over. I am reading about a 6 month jump in time. Shows always use this little trick to reset the stage. I am not out, but I am on the fence. I hope what's left of the Gladiators and Olivia Pope can show me a good time, like the old days.

Then there is How to Get Away With Murder. I tell everyone I know to watch this show. It is so well done and always keeps me guessing. Before the break the show ended with Annalise being shot, because she asked for it. All part of her master plan to protect her students and herself. When we return another secret will come to light. We will learn more about Wes, and his mother who we believe killed herself. But who is Wes' mother, and what is the real story, and why does Annalise know his real name--Christophe? 

It will all come together and when it does I am hopeful we will not be dissapointed. This is one of those shows that has continue to captivate and suprise me. Now it's only a few seasons old, so there is still time to go south. I am a loyal viewer, so if it takes a turn for the worst I will probably go along for the ride. I will tell you if you are not a How to Get Away With Murder Fan you should make a minute and get on board. Trust me you will enjoy the ride.