Monday, November 9, 2015

We waited all this time for that? #JasonrevealunderwhelmingonGH

There was the buildup, layer upon layer, weeks after weeks, tease here tease there. The loyal General Hospital fan waits and waits and expects something big and then like a balloon that you let go before you get a chance to tie it, we are left deflated. Left to realize Jake Doe knows he is Jason Morgan, and he found out in the middle of nowhere standing next to Carly. No excitement, no jaws dropping in the pews of the church at his soon to be wedding, no looks of shock and horror at the lives that are forever altered by this revelation. Just a man and a woman standing off the side of a highway discussing DNA. Deflated!

I am curious to know how the rest of you long time fans feel. First the actor who originally plays Jason leaves us for another soap. We survive that disappointment and we fall in love with this new guy. He has been doing an excellent job, and I do feel like he is "like" Jason. It's good to see that we are going to be connecting all of these people back together since Jason's death. I think Sam said it's been 3 years? So at first we mourned him, then we saw the light. He was coming back and eventually all  would be right in the General Hospital world. Well all I can say now is GH writers better have something absolutely fabulous written for what comes next, because they could have done so much better.

I know it's very cliche'. Carly running into the church to stop the wedding. I guess these writers said "let's try something different." Maybe they should have had more people are the car crash site off the side of the highway. I was still waiting for Elizabeth to confess. I just hate what is happening to her character. I am very interested to see how today goes. How will Liz respond? Will she act totally suprised? How long does it take for Jake now Jason to put it all together? Liz and Nickolas knew the entire time. Elizabeth's character may not be able to recover from this. She kept a secret for her own personal gain. She really doesn't have a defense that is forgiveable.

What is with Jake's anger? He is now mad that he knows who he is. Sorry your identity didn't come all organized with a birth certificate in a nice little box, like a new cabbage patch doll. You have known for the beginning something was off, I mean why does Nickolas know and not want to tell you?? How can one character be so smart and so stupid at the same time. Jason's street smarts should have kicked in from the very beginning. Then he tells Carly she is wrong. There is no way he is Jason. How about taking a minute and remembering all the freakin' flash backs you have been having for the past how many months. Sam on the back of a motorcycle, flashes of a wedding, seeing memories of little Jake. He didn't even take a minute to say "hmmm, that explains the flashbacks." Instead he insists he feel nothing. We saw his exchange with Sam at the Floating Rib on the night of his batchelor party. He feels a little something.

Maybe Elizabeth and Nickolas will end up together in the end. Those two have always been the better match. Their personalities are very similar. With Hayden on the canvas I am not sure how quickly that will happen. I am sure fans would like to see Liz suffer a little. What about Patrick and Liz? Was that hug between the bride-to-be and her "close" friend at the church a little foreshadowing. Patrick will be alone and so will Liz, so maybe they will have to join families to keep everyone happy. Whatever happens they would need to take their time with that union.

Here is an idea, just bring back old Jason (Steve Burton). That way we have two Jasons. One for Sam and one for Liz. It's a happy ending for everyone. I am sure the writers can scribe their ways around that one. Actually with what I saw Friday, maybe they can't. That may be just a little too complicated for this crew. I will tune in today, just like I have for the past 20 years, and see how the the GH world handles Jake Doe's real identity. Let's hope there is a little more excitement in the second day reveal.
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