Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm back: Feeling Justified after the series finale on FX

So it's been a little while. Took the summer off (the couch) and spent more time on (the pool deck). Enjoyed the sun and the water, but that means I didn't have time to clear the DVR. I was sad at times, but that's what ON DEMAND is for. I have to say there wasn't really anything to watch, that I felt like talking to you all about. When I made a minute to think about all the shows that have come and gone in the past 4 months, I did realize we can't just wipe it all under the rug without a comment. I was looking back at what I wrote the last time I stopped by the blogger dashboard, and realize "wait a minute, I do have something to say."

First let's talk Justified. You know years invested into a television show may translate to years of wasted to some. To me it's just another one of life's privileges. To have the time to sit and watch a television show for 6 seasons. A show that was good, if not great the majority of the time. For those who never watched, don't look away! This is a show I recommend to everyone looking for something good to watch. You can load it up on Netflix, or maybe you have some other secret source to watch your television. No matter where you go, you will not be disappointed.

Now if you never watched, or if you are like me and just way behind everyone else... look away!!! What a satisfying ending for a show that had so much back and forth for me. I was constantly changing sides. First I was team Raylan, then team Boyd. I changed teams pretty regular for 6 seasons. I have to say I loved both of these characters, so it was hard to pick sides. You can't help but love Boyd. Walton Goggins is great in everything I have seen. I can't wait to see what he does next.

As for his character, Boyd Crowder, the jail cell was the only place for him. I guess the ground was another option. Through the entire final season it was unclear if my two favorite guys would come out of the fight alive. You could tell from the beginning it was being set up as a final duel, where only one of them would come out alive. In the end they both survived, and ended up just right where they should have. Boyd behind bars, and Raylan moving on.

Now I wasn't all that happy to see Ava getting off scot-free. Raylan told Boyd she was dead. To see him hurting behind bars was fitting. The truth is she was in hiding, raising her and Boyd's child. Raylan was able to track her down and see her before he left. He insured her that he would keep her secret and never tell Boyd the truth. Part of me has to think in a Justified Reboot, Ava gets what's coming to her. Why couldn't she and Boyd just ride off into the sunset. I guess that wouldn't have been Justified.

As for Raylan he moves on, but things aren't perfect. He is still pretty surly in the final scenes as he talks to Winona about his daughter,Willa. You can tell the two are not together, but raising the child as co-parents. I guess that is fitting too. If he would have moved quicker, he could have had that happily ever after. Raylan was all about Raylan and he had work to finish and finish it he did.

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