Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead is Scaring Me: Good Morning Susan

At first I didn't know what to think of this Fear the Walking Dead. More Zombies, more crazy killing around every turn. I didn't think it was something I needed on my DVR. Then I was told it was going to tell me why The Walking Dead exists. What started the whole epidemic in the first place. So I decided to watch. The first two episodes were slow with very specific story telling. They set up the family, introduced us to the people that we are going to care about, showed us some of the first cases of the illness that turned people into Zombies. We saw the confusion, rioters taking to the streets, while police try to take control. Then we saw sick people being shot, and getting back up again because no one understands how to kill those infected. The set up was slow in some parts, maybe enough to have people turn away. All I can say is if you are a walking dead fan, you are not going anywhere.

It was the third episode that really got me. It just aired this past Sunday. I found myself holding my breath as people were searching their houses, afraid of what they might find. I, at one point, had my hands in front of my face, afraid of what  I might see. Now I have watched the Walking Dead, so nothing should shock me, but this did startle me a few times. It was that horror movie scary moment when something jumps out at you that you weren't expecting, and it's just the dog! I don't want to give too much away if you haven't had a chance to watch.

I know this first season of Fear the Walking Dead is only scheduled for 6 episodes. Then there will be a second season. We are already 3 episodes in, so there is a little work to do. I am interested in what they think caused this to happen, and I hope it isn't too Sy-fi. I do not do Sy-fi. Well, maybe I do now.

So far I like the actors, I am trying to get use to the drug addict son (Nick). I guess his erratic behavior is there to add more chaos to an already crazy situation. His mom (Madison) and sister (Alicia) are trying to wean him off the drugs that he is on. Apparently they have done this before, so they seem to have the situation under control. It may be the only thing they can control, at this point. In the meantime, the mom's boyfriend (Travis) is collecting his son (Chris), and his ex-wife (Liza), so they are now along for the ride. It will increase tensions, and add emotion which is always good television.

I am reading ratings are slipping, but this show is up against Football. So that could be part of the problem. Another problem, it started off so slow. It really isn't a show for someone to just tune in for fun. I really feel people who watch have to have some connection to the Walking Dead. I am reading the actors are blah. As I said I think they are acting, cautious, confused and scared. I like Madison (she had a role on Sons of Anarchy). Travis needs a little more emotion. I feel like he is way to calm for this situation.

That brings me to: Good Morning Susan. It was a line in episode 3 that made me laugh. Travis is literally burying his Zombied neighbor, when his other neighbor hisses at him through a garden fence. All Travis says is "Good Morning Susan" and goes back to shoveling. It made me laugh, but I don't know if these people are showing the right emotions for the situation. Although people do handle catastrophe differently. For example Madison was ready to take a hammer and smash in Good Morning Susan's face. I do believe we will see Travis become more of a realist, and less of an optimist. A little like the transition we saw Rick Grimes go through in the Walking Dead. He will have to fight and kill those infected, in order to survive.

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