Monday, September 28, 2015

BlindSpot: It's not Blacklist but it feels very familiar

I watched because I can. For the first time in many years I made a minute to watch a show on the night it premiered. I have to say it really goes against my MO. Normally I record it, then if it gets a lot of hype I watch. Sometimes it takes me forever to watch because I am just not sure if the show is going to last. There is nothing I hate more then a show that doesn't make it more than one season after I have invested my time and fell in love with the characters.

I really did think this show felt just like Blacklist. It a story of a woman who is found with tattoos all over her body. They are a message to an FBI agent who must follow the clues to solve cases before something terrible happens. The person who supplied the tattoos is unknown. From just a little bit of what we saw it appears the woman may know that she is part of something, but realizes she must take a mind erasing drug to forget everything she knows. So we have to think every episode we are going to follow the tattoos rushing to solve the riddle before something absolutely awful happens. Feel a little like the Blacklist?

What this show doesn't have yet is 2 compelling lead actors. So far I see a Jamie Alexander, Aka Jane Doe who is pretty convincing as a woman devastated over what is happening to her. You see her looking at herself and her tattoos and she is confused. She also is very strong willed and wants to be a part of the efforts to figure out what is happening to her. So she forces her way into the investigation and becomes an "investigator" instead of a victim. Her FBI agent counterpart is a little dry. I am hoping he finds his personality soon. I will say even without much personality there is chemistry between the two of them. That makes for good television: two attractive people with chemistry, throw in a little mystery and violence and you have yourself a very good television show.

I am interested to see where it goes. My husband right away said he thinks it will be the same story every week. He says the same about the Blacklist. I fear he is right. I can deal with the same story if  the characters develop as we go. I only watch Blacklist for the characters, and the long-winded strories James Spader never fails to provide during every episode. Apparently I am attracted to that type of writing because many of my shows have speechy characters in them. I don't see FBI guy, I think they call him Kurt Weller in Blindspot giving many long-winded speeches. Hopefully he will be doing more then giving orders in future episodes. I need some emotion!

So you don't have anything new to watch this fall, Blindspot may be for you. Make a minute, check it out. Follow the tatoos, enjoy the mystery and the action, and who knows maybe they will do a Blacklist crossover episode.