Friday, October 2, 2015

Grey's comes out of the gate strong, second episode brought me to tears

What is wrong with me? Still crying during Grey's Anatomy after all these years. That's Shonda Rhimes, and her staff, for you . That woman just keeps getting it done. I am embarrassed to say I think I watch/watched every show she has/had a hand in. Well I am not really embarrassed... I mean think of all the awesome material for my blog. (Do I need to warn you spoilers are coming?)

Anyway lets talk episode 1. I have to say I waited until week two because I wanted to see if Grey's had the stamina for this race. She came out of the gate strong. I loved all the stuff that was going on in the first episode. I told a friend, I really think I see the show returning to some of it's roots. We have Meredith and the girls back at the old house, hanging together, drinking together, and just having fun. We also have Bailey back in charge, just like when she ran her intern crew. We love Bailey in charge! We are really feeling the love right, which feels better than all the crying I did last season over Derek. I know you are saying, "Derek Who?" I think that is a good thing. Time to move forward. Since I haven't seen that third Meredith/Derek baby yet, it's hard to know exactly how much time has passed. Usually when you see the kids you know. I have a feeling Sophia and Zola may be heading to college!!! Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration.

The first episode also had a great medical story. The medical parts are sometimes over the top, but it just helps keep the show's quick pacing.  Everything goes a mile a minute, and we just have to hold on as we go along for the ride. As people are running to surgery, working to save lives, the other personal dramas just go right along with them. The perfect example is when Bailey was giving her speech to the board to become Chief right in the middle of surgery!

Episode 2, and the show is holding it's own, actually stepped it up a notch and made me cry.  When I watched Parenthood, I think I cried every episode. Parenthood is one of my all time favorites. So crying is not a bad thing. Now I am not Jimmy Smits dying on NYPD Blue crying. I mean my eyes were puffy for days. During Grey's I am just tearing up a little at those awesome moments. April and Jackson break my heart. It's just a sad situation, and he is trying to let go. I think it is nice that she wants to fight, but I have to go Team Jackson on this one. She left him, twice. I don't know what she can do to win him back. I am hoping there is a good coming back together story, but with this show you never know. Big characters dies, or leave, and good relationships fall apart. This one could go either way. I do know I don't want her whining and declaring her love every episode so she better come up with a better plan.

Bailey realizing where she went wrong during her first day as Chief made my eyes blurry. I do love mean Bailey, but I would rather see smart, confident Bailey. Realizing what you can do better is a great thing, and owning up to your mistakes is another. Bailey will need to make better, respectful decisions, but still needs to be mean. She can't run a hospital if she is apologizing all the time. I loved that she went to Richard to find her way. It's a great constant that this show has always been true to. I am so glad that guy didn't die when he stepped in that puddle and was shocked by electric current. I was a little nervous at the end of the episode .."did you all see her pop that pill in the bedroom???" I hope that wasn't foreshadowing. I know she had trouble with anxiety and that may be all it is, but I thinking we should watch for something.

So what's to come? Looks like Alex and Jo have a bun in the oven. That's going to be interesting. Also, Jackson and April will be working it out or not. Amelia and Owen are still trying to find their way together. I really would like to see a stronger storyline for Owen. We saw Amelia shine last season. Hopefully the Grey/Shepard children will make an appearance. You can't keep having tequila parties with all those young children in the house. But as I said before, maybe they are all off to college.

If you were on the fence about whether to tune in for ANOTHER season, I say make a minute. I am still enjoying the ride. With some of the terrible new shows I have tried to watch, it feels so good to see my old friends.

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