Monday, May 18, 2015

Looks like we are going to have to dance it out

That's how Grey's Anatomy chose to ends it's season: Dancing it out. You may remember Christina and Meredith dancing it out in past episodes. So when the going gets tough, the tough Dance it out? Maybe a lesson everyone should remember? I am thinking they should have ended the season 2 episodes ago. When they had Meredith go through an entire year in one episode the show should have been over. They could have picked up the rest of it when they came back.

They did show Richard and Catherine tying the knot, which I think is a good thing, but I am not sure where it goes from here. Jo and Alex are going to get their own place, or at least that's what we think is going to happen. I still feel there is more to this storyline. I am still questioning if they can survive the tornado of Meredith and her 3 children. Meredith is returning home and I am assuming she will take Amelia with her, after she sells the beautiful house Derek and she shared together. I am disappointed that she would take that beautiful home away from her children. I understand it reminds her of her dead husband, but it's something he created, something he loved, something he wanted them to have.

I found the episode very dissappointing. One thing I don't even know how to address is April and Jackson. For the real fans, what a terrible way to end a season. Last season we were crying tears of joy after they finally found each other. Since they they got married, broke some hearts, lost a baby, suffered broken hearts, survived April's trip to the war zone, only to fall apart. I just read an interview with the actress who plays April, and she is not leaving the show, so there is more to this storyline. I can even see her deciding to stay. I guess I am just disappointed with how soon we are pulling apart a who finally got together.

Owen and Amelia will get their time together. The last few scenes showed that she needs him and that is good to see. I liked seeing Molly leaning on Meredith, but more importantly I loved seeing Meredith offering a shoulder to Molly. Wouldn't it be nice if Meredith were someone's "person" instead of her always needing a person. This new sister sister relationship may make it possible for Alex to get away. I still think it will be hard for him to break free from the ties that bind him, Meredith, Christina and Izzy.

As for next season:  Bailey: Chief of Surgery- don't care. I hope they don't spend too much time on that next season. I have said this before: Arizona should go,but Callie is one of the best actresses on the show, so she should stay, but find happiness. Guy, Girl who cares, just keep that girl smiling. If we are getting rid of a main character per season... I would put the target on ? Hmmm I don't really have a target. I think it is sad to say there isn't one character whose death would rock the show. Derek may have been the last. Maybe Richard. When we saw him shocked laying in a puddle of water not too long ago, I was deeply affected. He's been around since the beginning....something to ponder.

I wonder how this series is going out in the very end. It may be time to start crafting that ride into the sunset. If you stretch these characters out too much, the end doesn't have a real impact. This show deserves a good dramatic ending. Watching the end of Parenthood and crying my eyes out. Seeing the end of Revenge and thinking - that was a great wrap. That's what Grey's deserves.