Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Give me more Secrets and Lies

I wrote about this new ABC drama when it first came out. Well, with the way my schedule is going it's been so hard to watch a show every week. So recently I took that trip into the basement (the basement DVR records Secrets and Lies -- because my upstairs one is full! Hence the blog.) Back on track, while enjoying the break from the heat, I binge watched and was very impressed.

After watching, I have to wonder if a show would be as exciting if we didn't get a chance to binge watch, you know watch the show one episode after another. It's the same as watching a movie I guess. When you sit to watch a motion picture and it's exciting, you sit on the edge of your seat, hold your breath and wait for the excitement to pass. With 1 hour television shows, the excitement may end, mid excitement and make you wait until next week until you see how it ends. But the DVR and Netflix has changed watching hour long shows. Now when the excitement builds, we can just push play on the next episode, and the next. So before we know it we have been sitting there for 4 hours.

Back to Secrets and Lies. I would love to know if anyone else liked it as much as I did. I thought the story started off strong, and stayed strong through out. I loved Juliette Lewis' character. Loved and hated I guess. I thought she did a fabulous job.  I did think Ben could use some work on his emotional acting, especially the crying, but I got past that pretty quickly. Ryan Phillippe is an old favorite of mine. KaDee Strickland was great in Private Practice, so I was so happy to see her again. Her struggle with her emotions were great. I loved that she tried to stay strong and stand by her man, but ultimately decided it was just too much to take.  The show brought to the table an unique understanding of what happens to a person when they are accused of a crime. Killing a child is the crime, but from the beginning you knew Ben didn't do it, but in the eyes of many -- it didn't matter. So you felt bad for him, but then you learn he cheated on his wife, fathered a baby with his mistress and watch him tell one lie after another.  You start to wonder if maybe he is bringing this on himself.

It is a typical back and forth. Where you root for the good guy, but then you wonder if he is the bad guy, then you wonder if it matters, if he is good or bad, because he is so stupid. And then there is Dave. Gotta love Dave. The highly dysfunctional friend, who is there to help, to hurt, and to save the day.

Now if you didn't watch the finale you should stop reading now. I loved the way things turned out. You got a glimpse of real kid krazy. The girl was so jealous of loosing her dad's attention, that she took the neighbor boy out. At first you believe the story she tells, calling it an "accident." But then Detective Cornell reminds us of her experience with cases like this, and she insists it was premeditated. You think that is crazy, until the very end when little Abby Crawford says "none of this would have happened if I  gotten him to the river." Ok crazy!

What's next for Abby, well there is a sneak peak of what's to come on ABC's website. Check it out. I did read recently the show was renewed (that goodness). So that means more Secrets and Lies to come. The world wouldn't revolve without them.