Wednesday, May 6, 2015

RIP McDreamy! I saw the writing on the wall. Thanks for the memories

All this time, hours and hours spent watching a show where "today was a good day to save lives," apparently the good days ran out.  Grey's Anatomy showed us one of our favorites could not be saved. If you watch Grey's Anatomy all the time you should have seen this coming. Rumors have been flying for years, that Meredith and Derek were leaving. Then you heard Derek was leaving. Then you saw them both still there. The story line was leaning towards Derek's departure. I thought that as soon as he was considering taking the Washington job. I was confident the only way out for him was death. I guess I was right. How can a show called Grey's Anatomy go on without Grey?

So it is set to go on.. at least that's what it looks like. Several characters are signed on through the 12 season although ABC has not renewed the show. I think the 2 hour show last week really does leave us feeling a little complete. I guess this way if ABC says no dice, then fans can feel a little closure. For the huge long time fan, like myself, I am surprised that I am saying I could go either way. Are there things I would like to happen- sure.. but if they never do I would be fine.

I think it's going to be hard seeing Meredith move on. I am reading the fan pages saying Meredith should hook up with Alex. Really? I don't know how well that goes over for the Meredith/Derek club. I guess some just want Meredith to be happy. I have to ask the question, can she be happy? These last few seasons Crabby Meredith has drove me crazy. I have to say Derek died and I felt bad for everyone but Meredith. Maybe she should have loved him with everything she had, while he was there. Instead she bitched, and moaned, and complained, and climbed in bed with Christina/Alex to talk about everything that bothered her. Toward the end you saw her come to a realization of sorts. You think "oh my, she might finally see that if she stops yelling and complaining, she would really enjoy her life." Oh know it's too late- Derek's dead, life's over!

The ratings are down a little, says the internet, but still strong. So Season 12 will probably be a reality. I am excited to see where this show goes from here. I am hoping they take Meredith and make her the character that we loved in the beginning. Maybe now she will appreciate what she has, stop thinking so negatively about everything and be that strong, capable, loving mother we all hope for her children. Or maybe she'll get Alzheimer's and it will be one tragedy after another for Meredith Grey and this will be the one primetime drama we never forget. That Shonda Rhimes sure does know how to destroy a beautifully complicated character.

So I have said my peace. Good-bye to McDreamy, Hello to new and improved Meredith. Then it's the rest of the cast we have to worry about. You saw Richard and Dr. Catherine Avery are getting married. Does that mean Debbie Allen will be on the show more? There are rumblings about bringing Meredith and Alex closer, what does this mean for Jo? Amelia and Meredith have a one on one tomorrow night. What does the future hold for these two characters. Amelia has about a thousand different things going on in her head, I wish Owen could find someone a little more stable. Then there is Jackson and April, she went to a war torn country to get herself together. Together usually means boring, so I hope there is a plan there. And then you have Callie and Arizona. Separate but together, they need to have some drama or one needs to be offered a job, very far away.

You see the way I look at it, the two hour episode last week could have been a Series finale, but there is another episode tomorrow so like you I will be watching. I can only hope it's not all down hill from here.