Friday, February 13, 2015

Scandal: how creative are you Shonda Rhimes?

I just got caught up on one of my ABC favs: Scandal. Now the pessimist in me has asked recently "where are going to go from here?" Once again Shonda Rhimes has a very intriguing answer. Olivia Pope kidnapped, and the whole first episode is a series of twists and turns and flashbacks and thank goodness I had the second episode on tape so I could keep watching.

The second episode explains it all. It's all orchestrated by the Vice President, played by one of my favorites Jon Tenney. If you recognize Tenney you may know him for his work on The Closer, or maybe you have seen him more recently on Major Crimes. His role on Major Crimes is little, but I am so happy when we get to see him. Having him in control on Scandal is very sexy. I am forced into a love/hate relationship. I can handle it. I have been here before #iheartJonTenney

So back to what I was saying. Andrew is pulling the strings to get a war in Angola, as his eye is on the bigger price: President of the United States. Fitz has no other choice, because he wants to save Olivia. So the story unfolds and more people get pulled in. Portia de Rossi, who plays Elizabeth North,  is another pawn in Andrew's game, but luckily Huck identifies her as the weakest link. I am so glad Scandal didn't show us Huck torturing North. We have seen his handiwork before and I didn't need to see it again. It was actually more shocking to see her show up with the cuts all over her back. Huck technique convinces North she needs to help find Olivia Pope.

It's a great play by the creators of this show. I have always felt this show was good, but when it started to get all spy, secret organization "B6, A52, red, hike", I started to glaze over. I am happy that this story lines seems a little more realistic. As scary as that seems. I am hoping that Mr. President gets to step up and do something heroic. I thought a couple of scenes from the second episode was very telling. Mellie telling Fitz not to worry about it because she took care of things. Then there is another scene where Fitz is talking to Jake telling him to find Olivia, because he can't without drawing too much attention.  I don't like that everyone is doing everything for Fitzgerald Grant, while he drinks his cares away. I saw enough of that last season. Let's get back to the days of strong, sexy Mr. President. We need to feel that Olivia having a hard time choosing between Fitz and Jake is legitimate. Right now picking Jake is a now brainer (at least for me.)

There is still a lot of good story to tell here. I am getting used to "Red" in the WhiteHouse although I think she needs to head back to the gladiator office. Huck needs to get his head straight, but I guess his Post Traumatic Stress due to all types of bad things, won't let him get there. His torturing of Elizabeth North showed us he is still the guy who gets things done, without remorse. Quinn is surviving nicely along with David Rosen. I don't really miss Harrison. Do you?

One thing I will always appreciate about Scandal is it's fast pace nature that demands you pay attention. Thank you for that. It is just what I need in today's world of multi-tasking. Look away miss a lot. That should be the shows next tag line #hintABC