Sunday, February 1, 2015

Goodbye Parenthood, thanks for a wonderful ride

I would have loved to watch the Parenthood finale live, but I knew it was going to be emotional. I also knew when it was over, it was over. So I let Thursday night go by, and stayed clear of the internet Friday morning. I put my 5 year old son on the bus for afternoon kindergarten, and then I took my seat on my couch. Tissues in hand I pulled up the DVR menu, and pushed play on the Parenthood Series Finale and then I couldn't believe my eyes. Why you ask? Because my screen was full of digital interference. I guess that's how I would describe it. I could see my favorite show, but it was all broken into little pieces and there was no sound.  I was devastated. I wanted this show to tape, because I was so sure I would watch it more than once. But that wasn't the way this one was going to go down. So thank goodness the tissues were near by, because my emotional afternoon started before I even saw a frame of Parenthood. Quickly I gathered my emotions and turned on "Primetime on Demand." Looks like I would watch the end of a great series complete with commercials.

Not being able to fast forward was a bummer, but I couldn't let it ruin my experience. I was so thrilled with the way this show ended. It was perfect. It gave me the ending I was expecting, with the laughter and the tears. Then it went a step further and summed up what happens years from now using flash forwards. We won't be able to see it happen, but we know what happens. It's so satisfying for a person who has watched the show from day one.

So many times I talked with people about how I could relate to this program. From the minute it started, I saw Christina and Adam with Max and it reminded me of my son. He doesn't have Aspergers, but he does have a syndrome, and that made Max and his story really hit home for me. I think I may have cried with Christina every time she cried. She told me my story, and gave me new ways to look at what I was going through. There aren't many programs that do that.

To top it off, Christina battled breast cancer. We watched her from diagnosis, to fighter, to survivor. It was a very believable story line. Something that women go through every day. The night of the episode where she is seeing her doctor for her 1 year cancer free appointment, I found a lump. It was right after the episode and I was going to bed. I took a shower before I went to sleep, because I remember crying during the episode (probably because Christina was crying)and thinking a quick shower would make me feel better. That's when I found the lump. From there is was a quick diagnosis, and treatment, and then surgery. I really give the writers, producers and actors on this show credit for creating a wonderful show that dealt with real life situations. It was so easy to watch every week. I think that's why it lasted as long as it did.

Constantly on the bubble, season to season, the Bravermans pulled it out and returned for 6 emotional seasons. I loved seeing Joel and Julia happy and together, miserable and together, apart and miserable to finally back together again. How they dealt with difficulties in their marriage was very believable. Their adoption story line was very beautiful and fun to watch. Sarah and her crazy life was entertaining the entire time. Her relationship with Zeek really came into play this last season, and with him looking at the end of his life, that storyline was very special.

I knew from the beginning of this season that Zeek would get close to death, I wasn't sure if he would die or not. It was very emotional seeing him go through his medical problems and have to make a very hard decision. I think what happened to him could happen to almost anyone. How the show ended was perfect, and I think the writers made a great choice on the final scenes.

I have read there could always be a Braverman reunion, but I really don't know if it would be necessary. The way it ended was ideal. I know what happened to everyone. To see Amber with her baby, and a second baby and a man you assume is her husband (Jason Street FNL-what!!!). You see Jasmine rubbing her pregnant belly, with two children by her side is great. You see Max graduate. You see Joel and Julia not only celebrating their baby girl (Victor's biological sister), but you also see a little boy baby, and a new dog. It's a quick flashfoward, so it's a little hard for your mind to adjust, but an article describes this scene as an adopted girl, and a biological baby boy. That's a great way of looking at it. Many women get pregnant after they adopt, so again very realistic.

I will miss Parenthood, but I can only hope another show will come along that makes such a big impression on me. I made a lot of minutes for 6 seasons of this show and I am so glad I did. It was great while it lasted, and perfect when it ended. Bravo to all those involved.