Thursday, January 29, 2015

What to watch first is a very good problem #dvroverload

It's nice when your biggest dilemma is what to watch first. I would love to tell you what I thought of the return of Justified, but I can't because I didn't watch. Maybe we could talk about how American Horror story is ending, but I can't because I got stuck some where in the middle. Right now I am thinking I am the worst Television blogger in the history of television blogging. But then I remember, TV blogging hasn't been around that long, and I have read some pretty crappy blogs. So instead of focusing all of my time on what I can't write, let's talk about what I can.

Downton Abbey, all caught up and excited about where things are going. When the season started I wasn't sure if it was moving fast enough. Just because it's 1916 and everyone is so proper all the time, doesn't mean our story lines have to move at a snails pace. I mean there were some movers and shakers, even in 1916. Rose and Tom are young and fun. well at least they were. Now we have Rose serving people in need, and Tom trying to hide his feelings for the teacher who is a bit like him in the radical sense. I just think it is time for a major departure. Maybe it will be Tom and Sybil and Edith's daughter Marigold can move on up to the big house. I guess I will have to just wait and see.

I love that the investigation into the death of Mr. Green is heating up. Everyone tip toes around Mr. Bates because they think he has to be guilty. Really? I guess I have seen a ton more murder mysteries then these folks, because the obvious suspect is not usually the culprit. So that leaves us with the surprise killer! It is either going to be someone who is rumbling about leaving the show, or someone we don't know. If it is someone we have never seen before I am going to be so disappointed. As for Mrs. Bates, I wish she would  just ask him. I guess back in "those days" you can't ask your husband if he killed another man. I just think it is so silly that everyone keeps walking on egg shells around him. And poor Mr. Carson. He looks like an idiot, but probably better if he doesn't know the women suspect Mr. Bates. That way his idiotness is genuine.

Then there is Mr. Barrow. What is going on with that guy? Is he sick? I have to say I was a little confused by where this was going. I think that is because I have not been very good at multi-tasking lately. So I did a little research, and the theory is he is trying to cure his homosexuality. It's quite a great story line. I can't wait to see where it goes.

At this same time we have drama in the big house between Lord and Lady Grantham. An art enthusiast has taken an interest in the Lady and she likes it. She notices the Lord doesn't notice her much at all. I would say he is jealous, but I am not sure he knows to be jealous. He is a little pompous at times, and that really does nothing for the popularity of his character. He did she was flirting, which I found funny. She is usually so quiet and non-existant. It's great to see her laughing and having fun with this man. I feel as if the show is starting to show us her personality. With her beauty comes charm and intelligence.

It's all about the change. The show forshadowed it in the first episode this season and with more episodes we hear it more and more with visuals to accompany the words. Daisy is learning to work with numbers that could change her fate. Cora is showing us another side. Mary is changing her mind constantly about who she should and should not marry. We will see Isobel change as she faces a marriage proposal. Edith is changing day to day as she tries to come to terms with the truth about what happened to the man she loves and gain access to their child. Barrow is trying to change the way he loves, while Tom is trying to change his love for the radical teacher Lord Grantham hates. And if that isn't enough change, Mrs. Bates and Mrs. Hughes are trying to change the outcome of a murder investigation. Yikes.

It's a period drama that is making up for last season by bringing some great stories to the table. Make a minute and get caught up. You won't be dissappointed.