Thursday, February 19, 2015

Enjoying Justified 5 episodes at a time

I kept watching my DVR total increase. Justified (1), Justified (2), and so on. When it reached 5 I convinced myself I need to sit down and start watching the final season of Justified. So glad I did. It is one of those shows that makes me laugh. Does that sound crazy? It's a story of murder and drug running, with warnings at the beginning due to the violent nature of the program- and I laugh. Oh yes I do, loud and hard sometimes. The writing is wonderful, and I would love Raylan Givens to talk to me with those firecracker comeback lines, in that southern draw. He always has something to say, appropriate? not always. Funny? most of the time.

This season is off to a running start. The endgame is Raylan getting Boyd Crowder. I have been watching this show since the beginning, now in it's 6th and final season, I still don't know who I want to come out on top. The show does a great job at making you like Raylan, and root for him, and then the next episode you are rooting for Boyd Crowder. It goes back and forth. I guess the ideal situation would be for the 2 of them to run off into the sunset together. Not together-together (not that there is anything wrong with that). I just mean I would like them both to win. For Raylan letting Boyd go has never been an option. Givens has a brand new baby daughter waiting for him in Florida, and he won't leave Kentucky. Not before he puts Boyd in his place behind bars.

To add to the normal crime, drug, and violence there is danger and love. Ava Crowder is working with Raylan as his CI. Her turning against Boyd is not something I am on board with. I have a feeling she is not on board totally either. Ava is just lost. She was in prison for a while, and Boyd couldn't save her so she is angry and sad. Now that she is out she is ready to rid her self of Boyd and start new. Raylan looks like her ticket to great new things, but I have a feeling that will not be the case. I don't know if things can end well for her. It would be sad, but probably fitting, if Ava didn't make it into the sunset.

The most recent episode shows Ava cozying up to Raylan, kissing him in the final scene. I saw a headline that called it a surprise ending.What?  I saw it coming from a mile away. The problem is I don't know if she is being sincere or using him to get to her endgame- what ever she thinks that is. I am team Boyd as of now. I always feel for him. He is just one of those guys who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time,  while trying to make a better life for himself. Now I made it sound nice and honest, but if you are familiar with this show you know it's not. Boyd doesn't do much honest business, but I feel like he is a good man at heart. He has just always done things this way, with force and violence, and he is a man set in his ways.

Raylan I have written before, is some what of a goody goody at times. It kinda bugs me. This season he starts off on the job, with his former partner, now his boss. His old boss, almost died last season, so Raylan's partner was promoted. I will say it's a great place for Raylan to be. He may deserve to be promoted, if you ask him, but if you see the way he operates, he isn't all that different from Boyd. Both of these "good ole' boys" know how to get the job done. It's part of the reason he knows he needs to move on.  He is the law, and every season Raylan has more moments where he forgets that.

So for a little while longer, in the Harlan, Kentucky we will see two men and a girl fight until the very end to get the freedom they deserve. Freedom from Harlan, from the violence, and from each other. It's going to be fun watching them do it. I can't wait to see where all the flying bullets fall when this is all said and done and I love that  I am rooting for all of them.