Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Did I hear the words "Downton Finale?"

I couldn't believe my ears. It's already time for my favorite show to take a break. Then as I am researching to be absolutely sure, I read the 6 season will be the final one? Is anyone else reading this stuff. I think I have been living in a hole over here. I am so disappointed. I guess that means, I should have watched this season a little slower. But I have to say I found it rather good, so I couldn't stop watching. Not a bad thing for a dedicated fan. The worst thing is when you go to watch one of your favorite shows and it just doesn't seem like it is jiving with you the way it used to. Now for those of you that follow me, you know I don't give up that easily. That was the case with Downton. It had a weird season in there. It was almost like half a season, and it was so boring, I have erased it from my mind completely. But low and behold we are back on track.

I love that this season is foreshadowing Changes. I could tell you about lots of changes I would like to take place. I think we should probably only talk about the ones that are actually possible. What does the future hold for Mary and Tom Branson? Is it possible they could have a future together? I do feel it would be a fitting ending for the series. I know from that time period it may be a little taboo. I love that these two characters are not against doing something taboo. I think there is chemistry, and history. It is one change I would love to see, and don't think it's that crazy of an idea.

So now we ask: what does the future hold for Mr. and Mrs. Bates? I think this past episode was meant to be misleading. By that I mean, she thought he did it. So that would mean she didn't. Now that we know that, why do the police think she did it? They say she was picked out of that fancy line up, where all the women looked the same. Hmm, there has to be more to this story right? I am interesting in finding out what is going on. I have a feeling they will ride off in the dreary weather together when it's all said and done. It sure has been a bumpy ride.

Then there is Edith. What does the future hold for this woman who has finally shown her smile. I do fear there is not enough time to put a man in her life, unless the final season moved forward a bit. I would like her to have her happy ever after, but I wonder if that can be with just little Marigold at her side. I think it would be satisfying for everyone to see the child accepted by the family, and Edith happy with life.

I have read talk about a Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes union. You can feel it going that way since he  mentioned getting property together. He is a funny fellow that Carson, but you have to respect his dedication to the time period. He is very proper and knows all the rules. To see these two together in the end would put a nice little bow on whole Downton package.

Violet Crawley's future is very unclear. It seems she is too proper to give in to the ideas of Prince Kuragin. He would love her to spend the rest of time with him, but I don't see that happening. If anything, she could just pass, as her time is done. That may have a more profound impact on the end of the period drama. If not, I could see her just living happily ever after with her friend Isobel. Although Mrs. Crawley still has time to come full circle and end up with the Dr. Clarkson. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Thomas Barrow shows a little of his nice side (you always knew it was there), when he aids a newcomer in this past episode.  Andy is a footman brought in as extra help for Rose's wedding. He is younger, and falls victim to the woman working for Violet Crawley. Thomas sees that she has taken him to a underground gambling operation where he has lost a bit of money. In order to get him back his winnings, Barrow accompanies Andy and Denker. Barrow is Andy's hero. We can take this at face value or read more into it. It's a little early to predict disappointment. I am hoping we will be pleasantly surprised. You would think Barrow would have learned his lesson by now, but sometimes people are just destined to disappoint.

As for Daisy, she is sure good at letting everyone know there is more to life then working at Downton. I wish someone would just punch her in the face all ready. Just when I thought she was on her way out, she decided to stay. I hope this doesn't mean we are in for more complaining. I think she should go and see what's out there, and then when Downton is done, she can take ole' Mrs. Patmore with her. That woman could use a fresh start as well.

So those are my thoughts. I have loved what Downton has to offer so far, and will be said to see it go. I wonder if we will see any more spunk out of Lord and Lady Grantham? I will say Lord Grantham recognizing Marigold as Edith and Michael Gregson's daughter was a great move on the writers part. It just shows he is paying attention. Also having him go to Mrs. Patmore and have her see the plaque dedicated to her nephew. That also shows that he is not a place holder. Those things on top of him recognizing how much he ignores his wife, and values his dog. All of these moves developing his character may be leading somewhere. Now if Lady Grantham could get thrown a bone, that lady bites her tongue so much I am wondering if she would even know how to voice her opinion. That smile of hers, along with her silence is maddening to me. When she gets a turn to speak, she is smart and witty. I just wish she had a chance to yell. Now that would be exciting.

If you make a minute for Downton Abbey what are your thoughts?