Friday, March 6, 2015

The Killing: Make a minute on Netflix for this great drama

Have you ever watched The Killing? I didn't say a killing! I am not asking if you have ever witnessed a crime. I am asking if you have seen the old AMC drama The Killing? It now airs on Netflix, and it is great! I watched the first 2 seasons about a year ago. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and was going through chemotherapy. I had a lot of time of my hands. That's how it started.

Now it's two years later, and I just started season 3. I had heard a little while back, Netflix was so impressed with the show it was going to do a season 4 and make it an Netflix Original. That article someone posted on Facebook caught my attention. So I put it in the back of my mind to remember to watch The Killing on Netflix. While my shows were taking their so called "winter break," I decided to get back to it, so glad that I did.

It's police drama at it's best, and there is a whole hell of a lot of police drama out there. Let me tell you what I like. One story all season long. It's easy to keep track of, and is more satisfying then a different story every week. It allows for the story to develop, and take different twists and turns. This story will surprise you more than once. I consider that a good thing.  Season one is so good, season 2 ends up dealing with the same story.

It begins with the death of a young girl, a politician finds himself in the middle of it all. That politician is played by Billy Campbell. He was my attraction to the show, I enjoyed watching him in Once and Again so I was happy to see him in something else. While you are learning the details of the crime, you meet the two Seattle police officers assigned to the case. They are partners, but in the beginning they don't trust each other. It's another great layer to this show, you have to get to know the characters as they get to know each other. They both have a little something to hide, and they are quirky at times. It's a great character driven crime drama.

As they deal with their personal issues, the facts of the case unfold, and the roller coaster ride begins. Before it ends you will be surprised, you will predict some of the outcomes, and what you think you know is true, is really false. The person or people responsible will be revealed by the end of season 2, and since I don't want to ruin it for you, all I will say as it's not who I expected. But maybe you are better at figuring out these crime dramas then me.

Season 3 starts with a new case. More murder, because it is called The Killing. This time lots of murder. Young working girls are the victims. It's a little darker, and the content is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 16, in my opinion. I am only in the first 4 episodes, so the case is still pretty much of a mystery for me. That's good news for you, because I can't give much away. I am very excited to see where it goes.

With that said I don't understand why it didn't survive on AMC. I have to assume low ratings, but I am very confused about how the rating system is really collecting data these days, especially with all the dvring and on demand watching. Anyway, thank goodness Netflix picked it up and decided to finish it for the loyal viewers. Now I realize I am a little behind since Season 1 of this series debuted in 2011, but the 4th and final season just came out in 2014. So that's not too bad right. It's my job to let you know what you are missing, so make a minute for The Killing. It's great crime drama, at a time when crime drama is a little overwhelming. Don't watch the bad stuff, watch The Killing.