Friday, January 16, 2015

Pretty Little Liars: The Bloody Knife Divides

What can I say about A. At this point not much. I am more confused this season, then I have been in the past. I think we have tapped every character in this show as A, except for the core group of girls. I do often wonder if one of them will be A. It would be a very sad day, but we are running out of options.

One of the biggest reveals this week was the finding of the knife in the woods. It is said to be from Toby's grandfather's cabin. The same cabin where Caleb stayed. So we can conclude (as amateur detectives) both Toby's and Caleb's prints can be on the knife. They also confirm this information. WOW we are good. There is also a heck of a lot of blood on the blade. Now it could be pigs blood, but as of this point, we don't know. The Liars sit and discuss what to do, and of course Toby (the officer) says they should do the right thing, and turn the knife in. (very naive) Both Spencer and Caleb have been down this road before, they are afraid that piece of evidence will come back to haunt them, so they say no. The three do agree to leave it there. Toby overlooked it during the search of the woods, so there is no reason police would find it. (my mystery show watching self, is saying - anyone can find the knife and turn it in, you cannot leave it there!) Luckily Caleb heard me yelling at the screen, and gathered his flashlight to go find the knife. Spence catches him in the act and they go out to the woods together. It's a successful search, and they decide to get rid of  the knife in the school kiln. With that said, Caleb gets locked in to the hot box, thank goodness Spencer is there to get him out.

So my thoughts- the knife is slashing Toby and Spencer's relationship apart. He is mad she went against their agreement, and she has nothing to say. They can't agree, and that means they may parting ways. That would be very interesting especially with all the time Spencer and Caleb have been spending together. Hmm, will the liars be switching partners?

Hanna has been off on her own, so her attention to Caleb is a little lacking. She went off visiting schools, trying to pretend everything is normal. In the middle of a visit she has to run home, and then decides to go out investigating on her own. She ends up with a stuffed animal stuffed with real animal innards and her reaction should have been a little more over the top. Prissy Hanna should have been grossed out. Please don't tell me the girls are getting tired of playing the Pretty Little Liars. If I am going to keep watching the Liars need to bring it. P.S. where is detective Holebrook.

Aria and Ezra may be the next two falling apart. May be Emily can switch teams and date Ezra, because Paige is gone. Aria just isn't mature enough to handle all of this. She is freaking out about not getting into college, thinks it may be A pulling some strings, but doesn't say anything to Ezra who knows the whole story (dumb!) Instead she writes a ridiculous note to Ezra's ex- who is in charge of admissions and in that letter details how she made a mistake being with Ezra and waisting her entire life. Afraid she might send the letter to Ezra she tries to get it back, but gets in to college instead. Thinking she is in the clear, A sends Aria a clear sign that she has the letter and is charge. (can you say EZria is doomed)

I should say it's sad, because I am a fan of Ezra and Aria, but I could't help but notice the hashtag running during the show asking if Aria should trust Ezra. Please don't go down that road again. We can't keep repeating suspects. Lets figure out Jason, and where is Melissa? We should figure out her as well. Then there is Allison. Behind bars and getting notes that her friends are next. Does that mean Allison isn't A? Or does she just know how to cover her tracks. I am not sure.

Like I said I am still confused. All I do know is Paige is gone, so Emily has lots of time on her hands and doesn't need to be stuffing grapes. She needs to be investigating and getting to the bottom of this case. Let's start by finding out why Jason is sleeping with Hanna's mom, when Hanna's mom is dating a minister! ugh!!! What does he gain? Jason is shady. Emily should figure something out, or maybe she can be the next victim. It is time for one of the core to go. Unless she is A.