Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Downton Abbey I feel change is coming

It's such a busy time of year, but I was thrilled to know just as things start to slow down and return to normal, Downton Abbey is back, to help me ease back into my normal routine. It was so nice to sit in my blanket on the couch and take in the first episode of Season 5. I will say I feel the underlying theme is: Change. After watching some of the previews I am not sure I am ready for what's coming.

Carson said it when he thought the ground was shaky under him. Daisy is looking for something new, trying her hand at math so she can do the books at the farm. Molesley died his hair in order to appear younger. Baxter reveals her secret which is set to change the way Thomas has been treating her. Since she was hired, Baxter's secret has kept her under Thomas' thumb. With the help of Molesley, Baxter tells the truth. So she stole some jewels from her previous employer and did some time. Big deal. (there is more to this story.) Speaking of secrets, Edith's is bound to come out. It will be great when it does. Add another little, one parent child to the mix. Love it!

As for the rest of the Grantham clan, the poor Lord got passed over for some boring committee, and is beside himself. I wish someone would give that man something important to do. Mary looks like she is getting closer to love, and finally going to recognize it. May even smile a little about it. Way to go Mary! Rose is great, as always. I am excited to see where her character goes this season. Maybe she and Tom should mix it up. Although some may think she is a little young for her. But in his day, when he was a rebel political man she would have taken a fancy to him. Cora is bora, but that's pretty typical. Maybe they can give her a little fire this season. (no pun intended)

The fire was really the most energetic part of the first episode. Of course Thomas saves the day, rescuing Lady Edith. Thomas is a lucky bastard. Should have been out on his ear seasons ago, and he keeps hanging on, mixing it up. By now we all have this love hate relationship with him, probably more hate then love. I am sure when it is all said and done, Mr. Bates will kill him. Isn't that what Mr. Bates does? When are we getting to the bottom of all of that? Or is it just one of those story lines that just hangs around- and you have to make up your own mind. Did Bates kill Mr. Green or not? And there is that one bit of conversation between Bates and Anna that talk about having a child. I almost bet the house that she was going to be with child, (possibly Mr. Green's this season). But that is not the case. Do we think a wee little one will be the CHANGE Anna and Bates will get this year?

I could go on and on about how hilarious Violet is. Maggie Smith as some great one liners. I love how she is meddling in Isobel's life. It appears Isobel is getting close to Lord Merton. Violet seems to want the best for Isobel, but you have to wonder if The Countess just doesn't want Isobel to become the wife of a Lord. Cora hit it on the head when she called out Violet for only being interested in Isobel's status if she should marry Lord Merton. Lord Grantham defended his mother. But knowing The Countess Fans know it would be just like her to be protecting her own interest.

I think change is coming to the staff with the dismissal of Jimmy. (he was caught in a compromising position during the fire). Carson will let him go leaving a vacancy! That means new faces and new stories. It's going to be great watching it all unfold. I saw a preview where Lord Grantham raises his voice, and wow is it loud.

Any thoughts? Would love to compare DTAbbey notes.