Saturday, December 27, 2014

Have we talked about the Affair? Well I think it's time we do

This is a new series on Showtime and it is very interesting. It is the story of Alison and Noah. The two start a relationship while Noah is visiting his in-laws in eastern Long Island. I will say I love the look and the feel of this show. I don't usually watch shows that are based on an unfaithful spouse. The infidelity story line is overdone, but this show, this is infidelity and murder. Hmmm a perfect combination?

It starts slow, so if you are going to make a minute to watch- keep that in mind. I just watched the finale, and I have to say the people behind this one may be geniuses. I say that because it's done in a way, which at first I thought would bore me, but instead did the exact opposite. I watched an entire season and still don't know what is going on.

For some of you, that's not a good quality for a show- confusion. Trust me, it's a good confusion. Another warning for those willing to take this one on... if you can't pay attention to detail.. you won't like this one as much as I do. I am still thinking about the details. The show is told first from Noah's perspective. The first half hour is dedicated to his side. Then, the second half you see Alison's. Now the first couple of episodes my husband and I thought we could fast forward through this or that, because we already saw it. As the show goes on, you realize they tell a little different story, and in parts they are even wearing different clothes. Once you know this, I found myself looking for the differences from one half hour to the next. Trying to decide whose was telling the true story all while wondering how their stories could be so different.

It's an interesting take on the human memory. How people can see and remember things differently. As I said earlier there is a murder. So right from the beginning, you know the two are being questioned by police, but it takes a few episodes before you know the crime. Through out the season you flash back and forth to what was, and what is present day with the murder investigation. Before you know it the season is over, and you think WOW I never thought it was going to end up like this.

The cast is great. Noah is played by Dominic West. I guess best known for The Wire. Anyway as a 41 year old woman, I have to admit Dominic is nice to look at. I don't usually pick a show because the actors and actresses are good looking, but it doesn't hurt. Ruth Wilson plays Alison, best known for not much that I could find. She was in Savings Mr. Banks (did you see that?) I didn't. Back to her character: attractive at times, but not at others. Kind of a perfect casting the more I think of it. She is younger then Noah Solloway, so for a married woman like myself to watch this show, it was nice to see that she wasn't young and hot. She is young, not hot, not ugly, a grieving mother, married to a man she really cares for. So when you look at that, you can't help but like her. And when it comes to a story of infidelity how many people really like the "other woman". Then there is Noah's wife, Helen. She is played by Maura Tierney, from ER. Love her, but maybe not so much in this show. She comes from a rich family, whose parents are always interfering, and she yells and complains all the time. Alison's husband is played by Dawson's Creek's Pacey, Joshua Jackson. You loved him then, and you will double love him now. You feel badly for him, but realize he has his own problems. There are other supporting members who help make the show great. Noah and Helen have several children, the oldest Whitney, who causes lots of problem and is front and center in the main drama of the show.

As you can read, I can't say enough good things about this show. The back and forth telling, from two different perspectives leaves it open to many possibilities next season. I say you make a minute this winter and get caught up on The AFFAIR. There are always two sides to the story, which one do you believe?

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