Monday, December 22, 2014

Watching the Sons slowly because it will be over before you know it

Technically the Sons of Anarchy is over, but since I am living in denial, I watch it very slowly on Netflix. What does that mean really? Like many people I am taking my time watching the episodes that are left because I am just not ready for Jackson Teller to leave me. For those of you all caught up. I am sorry for you. I still have the final season to watch. That fact makes me very happy, and helps me sleep at night.

Season 6 was great. It really was good to see it rocking and rolling especially after a couple of slow moving seasons. All good to build up what was coming, and I will say as a loyal fan I didn't mind a slow down in the action. Then season 6 hits, and unfortunately I had read some spoilers. I knew who was wasn't going to make it to the final season. So I prepared myself for the inevitable. I was going to suffer a loss, and there wasn't anything I could do about it. One death was worse then the other, but both were better then any spoiler could have suggested.

Right up until the end, I wondered "is there some way Clay can get out of this." I still can't explain it but I thought he should get away. I know he was a bad man, but when I watch this show, I think everyone is bad. All the good people die, the ones that know how to be both good and bad are the ones that make it. Clay was a product of his life. He lived forever under the thumb of Gemma, she created the monster he became. He did what he did, forever, because she pushed him to do it. To make him accountable, he had to die. I mean he wasn't drugged, or brain washed. He had control of his faculties. What he did was his fault. So his death is understandable. The plan to have him run the guns for the Irish gave those of us who liked Clay hope. Up until the bullet hit his neck I was hoping someone who help him escape and he would get to live out his life away from the Anarchy. Realistically death was probably the only option for Clay.  He couldn't last in prison. We saw the fear in his eyes every time he got close to gen pop. To live outside the bars, without his family, without his club, that wouldn't be much of a life for him either. That makes his death ok for me, but it still doesn't sit right that Jax gets to fire the killing bullet. I am very hopeful when this is all done, he gets what's coming to him (no spoilers !!! you know i still have another season to watch right?)

Tara's death- wow. What a great scene. I almost felt for Jax, except I couldn't get past the I told you so. Seeing Gemma tear her apart. That woman lost it. She couldn't let Tara take away her family, so she went crazy on that poor woman, at one point stabbing her with a carving fork. I put my hand in front of my face, peeking out my fingers for the entire scene. Then I thought there is no way Gemma is going to jail, how is she getting out of this one. Then it was Juice to the rescue. That's because Jax had that conversation with him outside the ice cream shop. Juice was already on the edge, suicidal some would say, and Jax (mr high and mighty) had to get in one last jab making sure Juice knew he betrayed him. Another reason I am not a Jax lover.  Gemma puts all of this bad stuff in motion, and Jax just keeps following in her footsteps Another product of this woman's smothering, controlling behavior.

I didn't hear much talk about the end of the Sons of Anarchy. That might be because television watching isn't what it used to be. People are sitting on the edge waiting for episodes to start. Instead their DVR's are set,  or like me they are waiting for the next season to turn on Netflix and binge watching. I really do recommend you make a minute for this series. Those of you who watched it and enjoyed it, and felt it went to fast, may make some minutes and watch it again. It really is a great story about people who love what they have so much, they can't let go, even a little, to let is breathe and change. The change scares them so much, and they can't imagine living without. They will do anything to save what they have, and they think they are doing good, by doing bad. It's entertainment at it's best.

So season 6: we lost Tara and Clay, but like I said i knew it was coming. We saw Nero conflicted on what to do about his relationship with the Sons and his relationship with those he knew before. He left Gemma alone, which was great to see. She has left so much destruction in her path, I was so happy to see her alone, and feeling desperate. Her desperation cost Tara her life, but I have to say Tara had to go, so Jax could continue to morph into the monster she was already seeing. Along with those two prominent deaths, we saw Wendy go to rehab. We saw Wayne live to see another end of a season. We saw Juice almost bite it, thank goodness he was going to get a blow job that day. Saved his life! We saw Bobby take some bullets (it's about time that guy saw some action). We saw some prospects get sliced, diced and divided up. We also saw a whole lot of bullets flying, and a whole lot of people dying, but that happens every season.

Ahh the Sons of Anarchy season 6. I am going to take a minute and take it all in. Before you know it the final season will turn on Netflix ( I probably could catch it on demand, but why force it.) My fat lady is warming up, and in the next year will be singing the end of SOA. So I will take it slow ridin' through this world, all alone. I am not ready to be on my own. I might not like Jackson Teller right now,  but I sure do like having him on my television along with Jimmy Smits, but don't get me started on Mr. Smitn (this blog will go on forever) #loveJimmysmitssincenypdblue
 #theendofAnarchyatitsbest #SOASeason6WOW