Friday, November 7, 2014

Grey's Anatomy: Meredith please stop talking

I never thought I would say it. I mean the show is called Grey's Anatomy. It is named after Meredith Grey, but after last night I am even more convinced it is time for Meredith to go. All those rumors, year to year, about the actors who play Meredith and Derek thinking about leaving. I was the one saying, "No stay! You can't leave." Everytime they signed and I felt so relieved. Now I don't know how to feel.

Now maybe the shower scene we all witnessed was them making their way back to each other. I am hopeful. I hope Ms. Rhimes has a plan that's going to make us glad the power couple of the past 10 seasons is still around. I am hopeful, Meredith stops whining, and stops trying to out scream her husband who I believe is trying to help her, but she always feels he has an alternative motive.

Do I miss Christina? No. I did think it was cute when Meredith turned to Alex to be her person now that Christina is gone. With the busy schedules they all lead, I think it's fun to see them turn to each other for support when their significant other can't be there. So Meredith whining to Alex wasn't bad, it's when she started whining to Derek, and did it so loud, I couldn't stand it anymore. Why can't she just have dinner with her new sister and try to be nice to someone for a minute. I do believe if she would look in the mirror she would see her mother.

Ah, her mother, who is now Dr. Pierce's mother. It's a great story. Since we lost Meredith's sister Lexi in the plane crash, I have felt Meredith needed more family. In comes Dr. Pierce, but not without a whole lotta baggage. It's nice to deal with someone else's baggage for a while. Meredith's was getting a little old. I am going to love to see where Pierce and Richard will go. I do wonder if this will be another reason for Meredith to be jealous. Her close relationship with Richard is an obvious thread throughout the seasons, but I feel like they go back and forth. If Richard can finally get Pierce to recognize him and forgive him, this could create more drama for Meredith.

I would talk to you about Arizona and Callie, but is it really worth my time? Separation is a great idea. New girl for Callie is an even better one. I wonder if Arizona will keep the medical condition of her mentor a secret and end up paying for it in the end. It would be a good way for Arizona to hit the Apache trail. On a positive note, I do love some Beetlejuice Geena Davis.

Who am I missing? Crazy yelling prego April. I like her and Jackson, so I won't criticize her yet, but she can't yell like that. It's good to see her voicing her opinion and getting what she wants. That's very  mature for the Kepner we know and love. She used to be such a hot mess. A baby on the way, and she is taking charge. Good to see.

Bailey finally addressing her health is an awesome storyline. She as seen people die before, but I loved how this one man's death impacted her so much that she decided to check her own health, and make changes. The stress that her job puts on her alone is a risk factor, and now that she is getting older, she needs to take control of her body and her health. Way to go Bailey!

All and all, another good episode. They did some tricks with the cinematography (if you will) to make things look a little different as certain stories were being told. It helps, especially when a show has been on the air for so long. I will never forget when one of my favorite shows ER did a live episode to start off it's 4 season. Things like this have to be done to push the envelope and keep the viewers attention. Grey's is doing some filming tricks, along with more flash backs to keep us interested. Keep up the good work.

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