Sunday, November 16, 2014

Walking Dead: Getting to know you 1 group at a time is exhausting

The latest installment of Walking Dead got me thinking, "Oh no, I am going to have to say something bad about my favorite show." I won't keep you guessing, I am not a fan of the episodes so focused on specific characters. I need more characters per episode. I tend to get bored, and then I forget what the other characters are doing. So I am hoping all my favorite non-walkers get back together soon.

Now to the actual episode. I thought it was about time someone bursted the bubble, that heading to Washington DC wasn't going to save the day. It leads me to ask what's next? What do we do without hope? That's what the Washington DC plan provided for everyone.

Tonight's episode will give us a little time to figure it all out. This is when we focus on Carol, and Daryl and their search for Beth. We will begin with learning what the hell Carol has been doing all of this time. Remember Rick sent her into Zombie land all by herself after she decided to kill some sick people for the good of the group. Well back then you didn't go against Rick, so bye, bye Carol. For a while we just hoped she would show up again. I mean at least for Daryl's sake.

Photo: AMC

Her time away changed her. Can you imagine navigating through Walkers on your own. It appears she isn't afraid of much anymore. Her character is undergoing the same transformations everyone is. They can't afford to stay the same. It's survival of the fittest, or maybe those who make themselves fit survive. They have all transformed themselves to stay alive.

Carol talks about it a lot in the latest episode. Not knowing who she is, about her and Daryl not being who they used to be. I recognize the changes in them all, I am just not sure where we go from here. They are all doing what they can to stay alive, at times going against everything they believe in. Losing who they were and becoming who they have to be. I can only hope they hold on to a little bit of what we liked from the beginning.

At least we have seen a little more of the hospital as we try to get a better understanding of what is going on there. We know there is much more to tell, but I will say of the last few episodes this part is keeping my interest. Only two more episodes until a break. I think I am looking forward to the break especially if it means they bring it, when the show returns. I have been watching long enough to know my people, I don't need all this alone time. It time for a Zombie Land party that reconnects the core. Something tells me my invitation is in the mail.

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