Thursday, October 30, 2014

Revenge back to back episodes; I love my DVR

After a quick trip to Disney World I'm back and what do I see? 2 episodes of Revenge starring at me. I was so excited. So last night I decided to sit back and relax. Very glad I did. With all the shows I had on the DVR, Revenge was definitely one that did not disappoint.

As of now, Emily knows that her father is alive. At first I thought, "this is going to drag on forever," but I love the way it all came together. Emily knows, but decides it is not the right time to tell her dad. She realizes Victoria still has her hooks in him. He stands at the podium making a public statement with his new daughter, Charlotte, and Victoria by his side. The show ends with David promising revenge for his dead daughter "Amanda." His remarks are very fitting. I feel the show, that got lost a little in the middle seasons, has returned to its roots and its name.

I am interested in where we go from here. There is a new player in town. A woman Victoria met in the mental ward that is cozying up to Daniel (who she knows is Victoria's son). I do not know what she wants. Money maybe? Hard to tell at this point, but I guess we needed a new character and now we have one. Not only is she new, but she is new and crazy. That is the best kind of new character. (did you catch that elevator scene). Speaking of new characters, we have Jack's partner on the force. At first he was just eye candy, but now we see he is starting to poke around, into the death of Conrad Grayson. He took a file without asking, and starts asking questions. This is will lead where? It is another wait and see moment.

Daniel and he latest woman (Margo) are boring. I often FF through their scenes.  Charlotte and her  drugs and drinking and whoring around are also boring. I love Victoria and her many over dramatic speeches, but I don't know how much longer I can look at her. I think she may look a little like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family. Those sunken pale cheeks, and that dark long hair.

As for Emily she looks very tired. I think it may be time to wrap it up and enjoy life all ready. All these seasons getting revenge for her father's death. Killing people, lying, deceiving, conning. I am not sure how she keeps it all straight. Now her father is alive and she is trying to figure out what is going on. I say bring back the golden lab from her youth,  grab Jack and run, fast into the sunset. Roll the credits. Maybe I am speaking too soon. It is possible this season will continue to surprise me.

Right now I am entertained. I am hoping I stay that way. I do think 2 shows back to back are better than one. That way I can fast forward through the boring parts, and still get a whole lot of drama. With David and Emily living so close, (she can hear their favorite dance song coming from his cottage) it's going to be hard keeping the two of them apart. No doubt, the reunion will be worthwhile, but where things go from there?... another wait and see moment.

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