Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Good Wife Is Still Good- Maybe Better

When this show started I instantly loved it. I am a fan of Julianna Margulies. I think it stems from the ER days. Her and George Clooney, those were the days. But I am getting off topic. The Good Wife is just great drama. The actors are add something to the show. Sometimes I will watch a show and notice a week spot right away. Someone who I just think is struggling. That character can throw off the whole show for me. This drama is strong all the way around. Good stories, and great actors to tell them, and this year the show is even better then before. 

Maybe I will call it "The Better Wife." This season Will is out of the picture, and for those of you watch I am sure some of you won't agree with me, but I was not a fan. For some reason I have always loved the tension between Alicia and Peter. The show was built on the thought that he would cheat on her, it would be in the public eye, she would stand by him (like the good wife) and we would see how life goes on. Well, we have seen it, but we have been introduced to a scenario that is more complicated then we could have ever imagined. 

Alicia has recovered from the political scandal and so has her husband. He is now the governor, she is running for State's Attorney, and the man that was grabbing Alicia's attention (and sometimes her body parts) is dead. Sounds perfect... well for the Alicia/Peter fans. The Alicia/Will fans are probably still crying. But that's ok.. to each his own. 

It's not clear what this season holds. Taye Diggs is now on screen working with Alicia at her law firm,  the one she created with Cary when they left Lockhart/Gardner. Speaking of Lockhart, well Diane Lockhart is now with Cary and Alicia.. so I guess that is Florrick/Agos and Lockhart? I love Diane and I am glad she has moved away from that firm and the men that were getting on my nerves there. I think it is safe to assume Diane will move her new firm into the spot where the old firm resides. It was revealed this week that she still holds the lease to the space where Lockhart/Gardner is working. It just so happens Florrick/Agos needs new offices as their space is falling apart.  How convenient!

We are also seeing the re-introducting of Finn Polmar. He was introduced when Will was shot and died in the courtroom. Now we are seeing him a little more and more, and he may even resemble Will a little. As a Will replacement, if you will, I am afraid we will see Alicia straying that way. I can only hope he sees, she is trying to find Will.  That way he will run the other way, and leave her standing beside Peter. Which if the show stays true to it's name is the way it will end... in the end. Whenever that is. Remember ER went 10 seasons.

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