Monday, October 13, 2014

Walking Dead Returns With An Action Packed Opener

The Walking Dead is back, and who would have thought I could miss Zombies so much. The end of last season left me feeling kinda blah, but I have heard some great things about this season so I was very excited to turn on the television last night. I will say I was not disappointed. When I wasn't holding my breath I was tearing up. Someone needs to do a study on what this show does to your body, I always feel like I just got off a very wild roller coaster when its over!

This season's opener was jammed packed. I love that so much was covered in one episode. We return to Terminus where we assumed last season that the people running the place lured others there to EAT them. This year our fears are confirmed. We get really close to seeing all of our favorite characters get their heads chopped off, but of course we know deep down they will be saved before the slice of the butchers knife. Even though we know they won't die, the scene is so well done. It shows the blood squirting out of the necks of those that are killed right before it's Glenn's turn. The very realistic looking blood runs into a trough and you see the body slump forward. At this point I was not breathing, and I think my hands may have been covering my eyes a little.

An explosion, triggered by Carol, saves the day. That starts the mass exit from Terminus. As they run to safety they meet a whole herd of "Walkers." They manage to get through them all, while killing off  the Terminus cannibals. Those moments of rapid gunfire, and one knife to the head after another are exciting. You sit at the end of your seat, or upright in your bed (if you are me) and you can't wait for them to be clear of all the danger. Then Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl and several others make it to safety, and you take a deep breath and collapse back against your pillow (if you are me). This is where we regroup, well I guess not WE. But I sure do feel like I was right in the middle of everything.

The group finds the guns they hid, in preparation for their escape. As they are deciding whether to go back and make sure everyone is dead, they see Carol. Realizing it is she who triggered the explosion that helped them escape they thank her. This is where I tear up. Carol has always been a favorite of mine. You will remember Rick sent her out on her own when she confessed to killing people who were sick and threatened to infect the whole group. Her banishment was Ricks decision because he thought Carol should have never acted on her own insisting the people she killed could have been cured. This moment in Season 5 where Daryl runs to her and hugs her, and then Rick approaches and hugs her. It really is a moment that will stick in my memory. For those of us who enjoy scenes of intimacy between characters, this was an awesome moment.

The awesome moments don't end there. When Rick sees Judith, my heart felt so full. Last season we were seeing Rick at his worst I think, and when this season starts he looks crazy. When he sees his daughter, we see the old Rick. It was a great moment.  To see them all move forward is a perfect start to this next season. Of course what they leave behind will most likely not stay there. There is talk of new threats, and that is what I suspect was revealed at the end of the first episode. A man in a gas mask of sorts, reads the sign "no sanctuary" takes off his mask and turns around. Do we know him? I racked my brain and couldn't come up with it, but reading today others are saying he is Morgan from Season 3.  He is the man who barricaded himself and his son in their house in Rick's old neighborhood. The "walkers" kill Morgan's wife so he prepares his home to protect himself and his son. I wonder why he is coming back into the story now??

This episode also took a unique approach to help us understand Terminus. Flashing back between then and now made us see that Terminus was once a sanctuary, until it was taken over by people who didn't want to share the space. The original inhabitants were trapped in box cars. One woman tells Carol they were raped and beaten. The Terminus tenant tells Carol that is when they learned "you are the butcher, or you're the cattle." That experience turned them into the monsters we saw when Rick and friends ended up at Terminus. It made you understand how what is happening can make you crazy, and I wonder if they can't help but all end up that way.

Looking forward to next Sunday, let me know your thoughts. It's always nice to hear what others see when they watch.  Remember if you have any friends who aren't watching, tell them to make a minute, get caught up and join us on Sunday nights.

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