Thursday, October 9, 2014

Parenthood: The final season is going to be great! How much is the box set?

I can't tell you how excited I am to watch Parenthood tonight. I get to this point in the week, when I am frustrated with the kids, the homework, and the sports practices. I just want to fill my glass full of wine and sit and watch my favorite people who are experience many of the same problems. That's where the Bravermans come in.

So far I have cried at every episode, I know there has only been 2. Looking back I think I may have cried at almost every episode there has ever been. If you are thinking, this woman is pathetic, then I don't know why you are reading a blog about Parenthood. But I bet the majority of you are saying, been there, done that! In fact I have texted my sister-in-law the past two episodes to see when she cried. I was interested, because I am receiving treatment for breast cancer and can be over emotional. Turns out she cries at the same parts I do! That's not coincidence, that is pure genius on the part of those that make Parenthood so great. The actors, producers, writers, directors, editors, all need an award.

Now let's discuss where these stories are going. Tonight Zeek goes under the knife for a surgery to correct his heart problem. I cannot lie- I am nervous. Previous Parenthood style would have Zeek coming out of this to spend the rest of his life with his awesome family, but this is the last season. Does that mean he might die? It would be something we wouldn't expect, but it may make some die hard Parenthood fans mad. I have to say as a Parenthood watcher from the very beginning, I would be ok with Zeek dying.  The only issue is it would open up a whole big can of worms for every character, and with this being the END, we don't have time for all of that. So giving it a little more thought, he probably makes it through just fine. I don't know why I was so nervous.

Pregnant Amber. What is there to say really? She will tell what's his name- the dad- oh yes Ryan. He will offer to be there for her and the baby. Maybe they will live happily ever after, but I don't know. Ryan really has some issues. I am hoping Amber decides she can do this on her own, with a little help from the family. Someday she and her daughter (yes I made the baby a girl) will meet a man who will take care of both of them. That's the ending I am going with. I loved Ryan in Friday Night Lights, but I wasn't sold on him with Amber.

Julia and Joel need to work it out. Last season I felt sorry for Julia. Now I feel sorry for Joel. I know he is the jerk, and I can't really explain why I feel for him, but I do. In the beginning of the series Julia rubbed me the wrong way. I saw a career driven lawyer, who didn't really show up for Joel and Sydney. Then Mr Victor  came along and we saw a softer side of Julia. When everything changed and she started staying at home I began to relate and I changed my opinion. I have always liked Joel, except for that minute he was confused about his family and his wife. WTH Joel who are you? Maybe a midlife crisis of sorts? We thought the two were coming together last season, then this season opens with Julia having sex with a guy in the office. Oh goodness, I really thought these two were done. Zeek's heart episode showed they still cared, and I can see them coming together in the end. I hope it doesn't happen in the last episode though. I would like to enjoy the reunion.

Hank and Sarah. I know there are a lot of people who might not like Ray Romano but I really enjoy him and his character. His connection with Max last season really convinced me that Hank should stick around. This year I think we will see even more of his personality as he deals with his daughter and the trouble she brings.

Adam and Christina and their school is going to probably be the focus of tension for their relationship. As we have learned from past tension, these two can make it through anything. I do love watching them get figure it all out.

I do feel Crosby for the most part stays in the background, but his humor comes front and center at just the right times. He takes those moments when you think you might cry your eyes out and says something that is completely ridiculous that makes you smile. I love Dax Shepard and can only hope there is a place for him when this is all over.

I am sad this is the end of Parenthood, but I am excited to watch these last episodes. I hope you will them with me. In my spare time I will start pricing out the seasons on dvd. I may want to watch this one again.

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