Friday, October 3, 2014

Revenge Is Back With Tons of Potential

Seeing Revenge renewed for a 4th season is not something I would have put my money on. I mean 2 seasons ago, I thought I was watching the end. Then Season 3 came along and I felt a little better.  Although, I did think while watching the finale, the show was wrapping up very nicely. As if maybe the writers and producers were thinking the same thing I was: Season 4 is not in the cards. But I am just a television watcher, not a fortune teller. When they announced the show was renewed, I was excited to see where this would go. So happy I decided to stay on board the train wrecked life of Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke. I cannot look away.

This show has taken many twist and turns, over the years, but what I felt on premiere Sunday seemed new to me.  It felt more like a  new Revenge spin off, then the show I have watched for the past 3 seasons.  Some of the main characters that we either grew to love, or grew to hate, are gone.  Emily lives in the old Grayson Manor. her love Aiden is dead, her love Jack is now a police man, Conrad is dead, Daniel is out of money, Victoria just broke out of the nuthouse, and Charlotte, well she is busy doing drugs and acting crazy. The entertainment value alone of everything I just told you kept me glued to my seat during the season's opener.

To top it off the shows best kept secret (that Emily Thorne is really Amanda Clark) is now out to nearly everyone. That was the shows premise from the beginning: Amanda seeking Revenge for her father's death, and all the terrible things the Grayson family did to him. For 3 seasons we have felt bad for Amanda and her dead father. Well, we may have to adjust our feelings, because this season we learn David Clarke is not dead. Not sure where this is going, but we better not end up hating David Clarke, or all of this (my commitment to watching Revenge) would have been for not. I can take the twist and turns, but backflips, and summersaults that leave me hating the people I was just routing for, is more then I can take.

Jack is still around, with little Carl. It seems he has become an enforcer of the law, instead of a law breaker ( you'll remember he helped kidnap Charlotte in season 3). If you forgot, it's ok because Charlotte has not, and her crazy self may be causing some problems for Jack in the near future. I have to admit, I am excited to see what Emily and Jack can salvage when it comes to the love front. I do believe that's what hardcore Revenge fans are thinking. From the beginning you assumed the two would reconnect and be together and something always got in the way. I am not sure if I see the chemistry I saw in the beginning of the series, but it's worth revisiting. Right now Jack seems a little confused, and I just don't know if he can forgive and forget. I do hope if the writers and producers plan to bring Jack and Emily together they do it before the very end. I would like to enjoy them a little.

Then there is Nolan. He is still around, and running the social life of Ms. Thorne. He is still the same, and we have yet to learn if he will serve any more of a purpose then Emily's shoulder to cry on. While he lends his shoulder, he better watch his back, because the former Queen of Grayson Manor has found her way out of the psychiatric hospital. Emily put Victoria there (with Nolan's help) last season. We see Victoria find her way out at the end of the Season 4 Episode 1. I know she wants to cause trouble for Emily ASAP, but she will have to get through Daddy David Clarke to do it. That love connection looks like it comes back into play this Sunday. Why is it that Victoria always lets the men in her life distract her. I wish she could just stay on task.

So if Revenge was on your bubble of things to watch this fall, I encourage you to make a minute. It is back with more possibilities then you can imagine. Can you say: Revenge Season 5? You are right I am getting way to ahead of myself.