Monday, September 29, 2014

Sticking With Nashville For Now

My DVR taped Nashville this week and I am not really sure what to say about it. I didn't love it, but I am not sure how much I liked it. I did push the fast forward button more then once. So what was once ranked as one of my favorite shows is slowly becoming one I am not sure I have to watch right away. I will probably still leave it on the list, but if push comes to shove, I would shove it. #NotlovingNashville

Here is what saw, and of course, correct me if you think I am wrong. I am starting to do a little flip, and find myself feeling bad for Juliette Barnes, and start wondering how much I like Rayna James. Last season I would have found myself going the other way. This season starts out with Juliette looking like a mental case, after Avery dumps her. Now you can't forget, Juliette slept with the scum of the recording industry, Jeff Fordham. Last season you hated her for what she did. This season you are starting to feel for her a little, and good thing, because Rayna agrees to marry the famous country singer, Luke Wheeler, when she keeps giving us a look like she may be making a mistake.

Now the way you look at this, depends on what team your on. Are you Team Ruke (Rayna and Luke) or team Reacon ( Rayna and Deacon). For some reason, I am team Ruke. I guess it's because from the beginning you wanted Deacon and Rayna to be together, but you really have to believe that people change and stay changed. I don't know if I buy into that. We have seen Deacon mess up, and then straighten himself up, and then mess up again. When I see the flashbacks of how things were between Rayna and Deacon I just see how she forgives and forgets. I just want Rayna to move on. Luke is hot, successful, and so damn nice. I am team RUKE all the way. #RaynaneedstostaywithLuke

Since we are talking about moving on. Someone needs to find something for Teddy to do this season. I cannot watch that man be jealous over Deacon for one more minute. Maybe he needs to turn into the bad guy and try to have Deacon killed to save his relationship with is daughter (who is Deacon's biological daughter- in case you still have your score card out). Poor Teddy he is always trying to get ahead, and I am tired of watching it. He needs to develop a plan that stirs up some excitement or move to reoccurring status, and shows up for birthday and holidays. #Teddyneedsastory

That leaves us crazy Scarlet, Avery and Gunnar. What is happening here? Now I did forget to mention earlier, Juliette did find out she was with child in this season's first episode, so that is interesting. If Avery's baby, that could draw the boy back in and away from Scarlet. I did always like Scarlet and Gunnar together. But this wouldn't be a primetime drama in it's 3rd Season without a few Love Triangles. We will have to go with it, and see where it takes us. #lovetrianglesrock!

Then there is the little brokeback mountain story line, all caught on tape, by the reality program. How terrible is this story? Mr confused Cowboy  needs to hitch a ride out of town. I really don't like watching this play out at all. I think the story was emotional last season, where we watched Will come to grips with the truth. This season we relive his confession that he's gay to his wife, and she basically freaks out on him. They decide to split up, and quit the reality show, until the reality show producer shows the not so happy couple that the admission was taped by a hidden camera in the bedroom.  Of course Will is devastated. I would love to see him come out to the world, and his fans accept him for who he is. Now that would be a great dose of reality.

So I have to say if you are going to "make a minute," I probably wouldn't do it for Nashville. If you already have it on your list of series to tape, then keep rollin', at least for now. I am going to keep watching and hope for the best.This drama has surprised me before. #StickingwithNashvillefornow