Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Scandal: Waiting for the First Lady's secret and the bomb to explode

It's been an exciting season so far on Scandal, while I still find the tirades by the lead actress to annoy me at times, the rest of the content does make me forget I am annoyed for the hour. The Gladiators have united to take down B613. In the most recent episode they shut it down, but the time was completely terrible. They didn't know Olivia's mom had a bomb, and she was under surveillance by B613, surveillance that went down when the Gladiators turned off the lights. Oops!

So what's next. Well it appears the terrorists will work to kill the president and Jake Ballard will get his angry self together and try to save the day. I really want to like Jake, but the recently transformation doesn't really do it for me. Maybe that's the idea. We liked him before B613, and we turned against Fritz. Rooted for Olivia and Jake. Now Jake gets filled with power and that makes him different. He kills people in cold blood. We saw him kill James, and we like James, so how can we like Jake? So I guess we like Fritz again. Hmm... interesting how we are manipulated in that way.

I do love the addition of Jon Tenney (loved him on the Closer). He is one of the President's oldest and dearest friend, set to take the seat next to him as Vice President, surprising in love with the First Lady. Nice! I like Millie, always have. It is about time we see someone that actually cares for her. She constantly tells us how much she has given up for the President and his political career, and most recently we have seen just what she means. In a flash back scene we saw Millie was raped by her father-in-law. That is the moment we really started to feel for Millie. It seems to be in the cards that President Grant's son is actually his father's son. Yuck! Millie has kept the secret, buried the pain all for the good of her family,her president and her future. It is very clear she is not losing any of those things.

It will be interesting to see what's next for this show. What's going to happen between Huck and Quinn, and David and Abby. I have enjoyed this season, but the on and off between Olivia and the President is a little old. To have them together seems silly, and to have her with someone else doesn't fit either. I am almost thinking something tragic needs to happen to the First Lady so we can get her out of the way. It would be a very natural transition. So it's a wait and see what Shonda Rhimes has up her sleeve. Until then, I'll keep my seat in front of my TV on Thursday nights.