Friday, April 18, 2014

Another great season finale from Parenthood

I have to say it is great to watch a show and not be disappointed. This day and age with all of the shows to choose from there are a lot of programs not worth watching. Parenthood on NBC is one I can always count on.

Last night was the Season Finale. This show is always on the bubble from year to year, which always baffles me, but the uncertainty from year to year always leads to a very good Season Finale. It's not one of those cliffhanger situations, it's a nice well thought out complete story. It really makes you feel if the show never came back you would be ok, because you know what is going to happen to everyone.

Now of course I would love another year. Parenthood is still in my opinion one of the best dramas on TV right now. You see real people dealing with real problems. It always makes me cry and laugh and even makes me think and rethink situations in my own life after I watch it.

This finale brought Sarah and Hank together. Which has been a possibility for the entire season. They were ex-lovers, still friends, working together. They have been having a great season as Hank works through what he suspects is Aspergers. Working with Sarah's nephew Max, Hank notices similarities between him and the boy. After further investigation he finds a doctor to help him and by the end of the season he is really showing signs that he can get past his awkwardness and have a normal relationship with Sarah. Right up until the last minute you aren't sure if Sarah is going to take a chance with Hank. You can tell she is worried about the Aspergers and not sure what she should do. Then in the last minutes of the episode she chooses to try. I have to think it's what most viewers were waiting for. I know I was. Even with his awkwardness you can help but root for Hank the whole time.

This episode also showed us Joel moving back toward Julia. Now it would be great if we get next season to see the two of them work things out but if we don't, at least we saw them have a moment that made us believe they could be happy again. I am not sure how I feel about this as an ending. Joel has made me pretty mad all season. There is potential for more of a story with these two. Not only having them try to work to save their family, but then there is the drama of Julia sleeping with someone else that could cause potential problems.

Zeek and Camille sold the house and that just make for more potential story lines. It's a big deal for them, and all of the kids. This final episode was so fun to see Crosby and Adam riding mattresses down the steps and playing baseball with their dad. Reliving their youth before the door closes on the house where they grew up. The episode ends with one last family dinner, outside, in the backyard, where they have gathered so many times before.

You saw Amber say her goodbyes to her almost husband Ryan. It was sad, but necessary.  The story gave us closure for a minute, until we saw her in the grocery story buying a pregnancy test. More stories to tell. I can only hope we get the opportunity to see Amber become a mother. We have seen her very motherly this season after she had her breakdown after Ryan reenlisted. Once she survived her heartbreak, she was called to duty to help her brother survive his. Drew had some great moments this year trying to get through college while dealing with relationships. It was great to see him happy and in love in the end.

I did think the visit from Haddie at the end was interesting. She returned from school with a girlfriend. I am not sure if that was a necessary storyline, but it does give us something to work with next season. Haddie hasn't been part of this season until the last episode so I am not sure if the writers and producers would use her next year or not.

Overall it was a great season for Parenthood. I think that it is a show for people of all ages. If you could make a minute you could watch past seasons and get caught up. Well, you would need to make a lot of minutes for that, but if you are interested in checking it out, you could just dive in. It really is the type of program you can watch at any point.

The Braverman's are much like any family you might run into in your neighborhood. Their challenges are some you might have yourself. The son with special needs, the mom with breast cancer, the gay daughter, the mixed race family. People who work everyday, who deal with heartache sometimes and celebrate love and family other times.  They will entertain you, inspire you. They have entertained and inspired me for years.