Saturday, March 15, 2014

Parenthood: You made me cry again, but not at the parts that usually get me

If you watch Parenthood on NBC Thursday nights, you probably cry, more often then not. Last week was just ok, so I was prepared to do a little fast forwarding, or possibly tackle some tasks around the house while I watched. I have to say I was very surprised. This episode kept my attention and I watched the entire thing, didn't fast forward (except the commercials) and actually didn't move from my place on the floor. If I knew it was going to be this good, I would have sat on the couch at least.

Now maybe you think I am overselling this episode, but there is something about this show, that makes me want to sell it to you. If you watch I know you know what I am talking about. So many seasons it has been on the bubble, and I have waited to see if it would come back, and so far it's been so good. It has switched nights, and now it's on Thursday and I thought for sure that would mean TV death. Up against ABC's Scandal, I mean come on. But still I feel Parenthood has held it's own.

Now this week I am tearing up and I couldn't even believe it. I am watching Zeke talk to Joel. So yes, it's two men having a conversation about Joel and Julia and what they are going through. And basically they are saying nothing, because Joel you know thinks it is not Zeke's business, and Zeke doesn't want details, he just wants Joel to know he is there for Julia and the kids, and he is there for him. He wants Joel to know that what has been happening is not like Joel at all, and he knows the Joel he gave Julia to on their wedding day is still there. All of this really hits deep, because this is what the viewer has been thinking for episodes now, and it's coming to your screen. Zeke is saying what we would say to Joel, with all the emotion you can muster, without being emotional. Joel has wet eyes, and Zeke has wet eyes, and so now you have wet eyes. It's hard to even write about it.

This isn't the first time I cried in this episode, I also got choked up when Crosby has to tell Joel that it might be a good idea for Joel to be Aida's Godfather. That was a great scene. Uncomfortable for Crosby and Joel, and Joel says he understands, but you can tell he is hurt that he has to give up that honor. He tells Crosby it's ok, but you can see in his eyes that it's not. It's also a moment where you feel, Joel is starting to feel some more of the consequences from what is happening between him and Julia. This is a permanent consequence. For the first time we see the possibility that Joel may not be a part of the Braverman clan in the future. He just gave up a position that would have bonded him with extended family members.

I don't know what side to take in this battle, I want to feel for Joel because Julia did start having an emotional affair with another father at school, but Joel is over reacting a bit. I don't know if I  think this reaction is legit, or an excuse for something else. I really feel like it came out of left field, and I do hope the show gets to explain what is going on with him.  I really hope there is more then Julia not telling him about the kiss with the guy on the school garden committee.

There is also the whole story about the selling the Braverman home. All of the kids are weighing in, and I like that because I have not been feeling for Camille at all. I don't know if that is because I am a younger mother, and don't really know what she is feeling. I love that Sarah is just finding out, and that is going to add a whole new level to this story. It looks like they get an offer next week, so I am excited to see what happens with that.

One of my favorite story lines is Ray Romano's Hank and his interaction with Max. I think that story is going in a great direction with Hank finding out more about himself and the possibility that he has Aspergers. I love seeing Hank evolve into a more functional person, and as he works on things you know Sarah is the motivator for that. Now after seeing next week's clips I am concerned about Hank and how he is going to handle Sarah when she says something about just being friends. I know that's going to be hard for him, and I think the response maybe that he can't do it. I am hoping that dismissing Sarah as his friend, isn't a set back for him. I am not sure what Romano's plans are for the show. But I have come to like Hank and Sarah together. I think Sarah does need to be independent and successful, but I think she likes Hank and they go well together.

There is a lot we need to keep an eye on. Parenthood is one of the only shows that reminds me of real life. I usually don't watch anything that reminds me of real life because I have enough real life every day. But for this show I make an exception. For that hour on Thursday nights, I feel at home with the Braverman's as they tackle some things I could see myself tackling. They make me laugh, and cry, and take a closer look at some of the more important things in my own life. This show really gets me, it gets me good.