Saturday, March 8, 2014

What can I say about the Anatomy: An enjoyable evening with Dr. Grey and friends

The first thing you might be asking after reading this title is, "she still watches Grey's Anatomy?" Then the second thing you should ask yourself is "Why don't I?," or if you are like me you might ask "How does this show continue to hold my attention?" Not only that, but it still ranks pretty high on my list; that list of shows that I still watch Live. There aren't very many of them.

So as I gather my thoughts about last night's episode I have to say I enjoyed every minute. I loved the back and forth between the couples and how some were trying to keep their relationships quiet while others were feeling guilty about not having too. I am interested in what's going to happen with the girl that filed the complaint, because she is all upset about Arizona. I mean she is the reason while everyone is suffering. I really don't like Arizona, and I wasn't sure why Callie took her back after she had the affair, but I don't think she took advantage of a subordinate.  It just seems to me it's someone complaining that  couldn't handle a break up. She needs to get over it, and concentrate on her career.

I have to say not sure what I think about Owen. I am so conflicted on his relationship with Christina and as part of me wanted them to get back together at the beginning of the season, I was kinda happy he was moving on. When she came to his trailer and put the moves on him (which didn't take much), I so wanted him to say "no." I feel like she just waves some kind of magic wand and everyone is powerless. His night falling into his old habit, cost him his new habit, but he did make some interesting comments during the break-up scene. He said he wanted to go home to someone he could share war stories with, not someone who wanted to sacrifice her career to be a mom. This is something we never thought we would hear Owen say. I thought he was so "I want to be a dad, have a family." So I am excited to see where this goes. Now this is the last season for Christina Yang. The actress is leaving the role, so I am hoping she doesn't leave us feeling "Poor Owen".

Love April and Jackson. The fact they married and didn't tell anyone was perfect. It's kinda sad their secret is out all ready, but I guess that will lead the way for more trouble of some sort. I guess it's time for Dr. Avery, Jackson's mom, to make another appearance. I am sure she will have something to say.

I am also loving Alex and Jo, although Alex needs to calm down a little. The guy has had some very powerful story lines lately and I feel like he is playing them all the same way, out of control. I know that is his character's MO but it would be nice if we saw him mature a little. I thought the death of his dad was going to get him there, but then he asked Jo to marry him, and she thought he was just being emotional, so that took him back to his erratic self. Now this stuff with not allowing relationships at work, he kinda went off the rails. You saw him yell, and say he didn't care if he got fired or punished because no one can tell him what to do. It just seemed a little crazy. Many work places discourage relationships at work, it's not unheard of. So he can act how he wants at home, and not sleep with his girlfriend at work. Wow, I guess he will have to practice a little self restraint. I always thought the on call room, and the broom closets were a little overused on this show, but I guess you have to believe they spend most of their lives at the hospital.

I am not sure where this season will go, but I am looking forward to it. My DVR is set, I am hoping the writers can keep me so interested I am watching it live every week. That is not easy to do these days especially with all the competition. If you don't still watch, there is still time to make a minute and catch up. Trust me it's not hard, it just takes time; and this one is worth your time.