Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pretty Little Liars, now you have my attention

So it's been a while, but today I finally make a minute to sit down to watch Pretty Little Liars from last Monday. Right away I know what you are thinking, this show does not rank very high on my DVR watching schedule. I have to tell you lately I have felt it was a little of the same ole same ole. So instead of half watching I decided not to watch at all.

I think the break was just the thing the doctor ordered, because as I am recovering from an illness that is kicking my butt, I laid down on the couch and turned it on and couldn't look away. I figured I would be in and out, because I was feeling awful, and the chance of missing anything was slim, but I was wrong. The show was packed with excitement, so much so I can't wait to tune in next time.

I have never looked at the numbers to see who else is watching this juicy little show, but ABCFamily has got it going on. These girls have been going strong for 4 years, and we do hit some slow spots along the road, but for the most part it is a go go go kind of show. It's perfect for the person who has a history of watching shows full of high school drama, with a little adult situations sprinkled in (i.e. me!) It totally reminds me of 90210 with death, and mystery. The young girls who play the main characters are all fresh faces, but every now and then you will see someone you recognize. For instance, Hanna's mom is from Melrose Place, and her dad is from Days of Our Lives. So for a viewer like me, I can relive some glory days while still connecting with the parents in the program. It's a win win.

Now my younger daughters always ask to watch. Every time they see a preview they want to know when it's on. For the most part my 12 year old and 9 year old could handle it, but there are some adult situations that I worry about at their age. So for the most part I tell them they have to wait until they  get older. One of the high schoolers is experimenting with her sexuality. She has a girlfriend right now, and often kisses her on the show. The other girl has a serious boyfriend, they are often together, sometimes half naked. And then there is the high school girl who is dating her teacher, don't want to give anyone any ideas. So I think my children will have to stick to Nickelodeon. All of these relationships are surrounded by a mystery that puts them all in danger. As they fight to find out the truth, they constantly get themselves into trouble, and turn to people they probably should turn away from.

I think after the series is over, I may read the books that inspired the program. I would love to see if there is anything in the book that didn't make to the screen, which most times there is.

This program just isn't teen drama and mystery. It is well written so you keep thinking and rethinking that you know what is going on, when you don't. It starts with a dead friend, who appears to be sending messages from the grave, and not to give to much away, 4 seasons later we are still getting messages but we find out they are coming from a group of people, and I have to say I am not tired of the scenario   one bit. I thought it would get old, but with every new reveal it gets a little more interesting, and so I get a little more invested.

No matter what happens to Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily it doesn't look like I am turning away now. I am in this one for the long haul girls. It's not too late if you want to join me. This is a show that helps me escape reality (what a good television show should). There isn't too much to keep track of, and paying attention is not always required. The excitement is there, sometimes shock and awe is there as well, and if you aren't careful you'll find yourself shedding a few tears. I mean when your BFFs are in trouble, and you can't help them there is a good chance you'll get emotional!