Monday, February 10, 2014

Kinda rooting for Carl to suffer the Zombie bite as the Walking Dead returns

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am a little sick of Carl. Listen you are living in a land of Zombies, we know your life sucks, but I can't watch you being a jerk to everyone, all the time.

Walking Dead returned last night after a little mid season break, and the episode was heavy Rick and Carl. Rick is too weak to do much, so he finds a sofa to nearly die on, while Carl does what needs to be done. He kills many Zombies, as he searches for food and supplies, and he keeps Rick safe so he can recover. The whole time Carl is defending what is left of his family, I can't help feel he is a little cocky. You hear him say, "I win," after he kills some walkers, and even one time he writes on a door "the walker inside got my shoe, but he didn't get me." I am not feeling Carl and his major ego.

There is a moment, when Carl thinks Rick is dead, or close, so he says things to him, like "I saved you, I don't need you. You didn't protect mom, or Judith, or Hershel." Has Carl been paying attention at all! Times are a little rough, I really think his dad has been doing the best he can. The last scene before the mid-season finale, where the Governor tries to take over the prison, and the whole things goes to hell, was a little intense. That's where you see Rick and Carl find baby Judith's car seat with blood on the inside. The two have no choice but to leave as the Zombies move in. The take off together, but you can tell Carl is pissed. Carl is always pissed. He wants to be treated like a man, but he acts like a baby. I need Carl to have a little breakdown and remember that he is fighting for his life, not the right to stay up after midnight or eat in front of the television.

Rick recovers by episode end, and he does tell Carl he is a man. I don't agree with him, but we will see where that takes him. He needs a good smack on the butt, and then he should apologize for being rude to his father. They are all suffering. I have heard some interviews that this season will be about people coming back together. I am all for it, but right now I want Carl to go live with the Zombies, so we better see Carl moving in the right direction pretty quickly.

The only other character we see is Michonne. You see her with two guys, a boyfriend, and a friend and a little boy (in her former life). It's the first we have seen of her before she became the woman who never leaves home without her sword. I am not sure what it means, because as the episode goes on, she seems to have lost it. She is walking around with zombies on leashes killing everything in site. I think she is getting closer to Rick and Carl, but I am not sure where she is in proximity to everyone else.

It looks like next week we will see what happened to Glenn and Maggie and some of the others. It appears Glenn is still at the prison, and he is shouting for Maggie, who is probably in shock, as she did just see her father get his head cut off. Poor Hershel. I am still holding out hope that someone grabbed little Judith and got her to safety and she will be the light that brings Rick and mean Carl out of the darkness. And what about Carol, I am thinking we will see her again too.

Until next week #GiveCarlAnAttitudeAdjustment#TheZombiesareBack