Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Walking Dead: Once Again You Take My Breath Away

The latest episode of Walking Dead was not just another night with the zombies. I have to say I think I only took a breath on the commercials, and I fast forward through those, so there wasn't much time to breathe at all. This episode was so different compared to last. It moved so much faster. I really was so sad when it was over, because it felt like it just started.

It helped that there was so many people in it. We had been awaiting the fate of the people living in the prison. When the Governor brought his people and attacked, the Zombies got past the prison walls and took over. Everyone who could got got, but when the show took it's winter break you were not sure who made it out alive. This episode showed you the young girls were able to escape, and you finally set your eyes on baby Judith.

I am so happy the writers didn't make us wait forever to know the baby was alive. I think in our hearts we knew she was out there, but who had her was the biggest question. It was a refreshing site to see her in Tyreese's arms. With all the death and destruction we usually see, Judith was a little ray of hope in what feels like a very hopeless situation.  It was also great seeing Carol again. I don't know if I agree with her exile, so to see her come to the rescue of Tyreese and the girls was a relief. They will need her as they move forward. To see Tyreese alone, trying to keep an eye on Lizzie and Mika, and change a poopy diaper was stressful. You just knew they weren't going to last long. The moment where the older girl, Lizzie, almost smoothers the baby because she is crying, is a very telling moment. What these people are going through is changing them. The children are growing up fast, and bit lost. Survival was the only thing on Lizzie's mind. At one point you are wondering if she could squeeze the life right out of that cute crying infant. Lizzie is one everyone needs to keep their eyes on.

Then of course there is Maggie, who is having trouble keeping it together. Seeing her father killed right in front of her, and now not knowing where Glenn is, it's a little too much for her to take. She heads out to look for him, she is on a mission and no one is going to stop her. She finds the get away bus, only to see it is full of Walkers. Right away I thought Glenn was going to be in there. I don't know why, but I thought it was time for a main character to go. I guess it is a little close to Hershel's death, but it would have been very emotional to see Glenn with Zombie eyes.

Instead we see Glenn emerge from the dust at the prison. He plows through the Zombies and manages to escape, after a minor (short lived) breakdown behind prison walls. When he goes, he takes Tara with him. She is a little down on herself because she arrived with the Governor ready to take the prison from all of these bad people. Now she realizes the Governor was a liar. She witnessed her sister and her nephew attacked and ravished by Walkers. Tara is in shock, but she manages to help Glenn and the two get out together. It starts out rough and doesn't end there, after meeting more Walkers on the outside of the prison, they also meet Abraham Ford and his friends. Well, it may be early to call them friends. You never know what you are going to get when people are fighting to stay alive.

The additional of more people, means more people to die, in my opinion. So don't get too attached is what I am saying. I am wondering when everyone will meet up. Too much time apart, will make it harder for them to work together. To many people wanted to be the boss, I would think. I am excited for Darryl to see Carol. I hope that exchange takes place soon. I am also anxious for Carol to see Rick, and for Rick to see Judith. All these moments ahead make me very excited for the rest of the season. (breathe, I almost forgot) That's the affect this show has on me.