Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Sunday night, and I'm watching TV live, can you believe it?

So where did you turn this Sunday night? Did you stay tuned and watch the Seahawks dominate the Broncos, or did you turn away after Bruno Mars gave his great performance? I have to say I couldn't watch  another minute after the first half. I watched the entertainment and then turned the channel. It couldn't watch Peyton Manning suffer any longer. So I did what I usually do, fired up the DVR to see what was taping. Good thing Downton Abbey was there, it never disappoints.

Tonight I was able to catch up and actually watch the show in real time. I will tell you it's been a very long time since that's happened. Tonight's show was slow going, but some important things transpired. I will remind anyone reading that spoilers are on the way, so if you are a spoiler free person I would look away now.

Alfred actually left Downton. The last show, we thought he was staying around after the Ritz didn't select him to cook. This episode we see he is going to cook, and he needs to leave right away. There isn't much time for goodbyes, so Alfred makes it short and sweet. Daisy wishes him well, but she is having a hard time with the departure. She blames Ivy for driving him away, and is bitter because things didn't work out for her and Alfred. I felt for Daisy in that moment, but I really think she should have worked harder earlier on. Before Ivy, Alfred made an effort to turn Daisy's head, but she wouldn't turn, and she ended up married to another man she didn't truly love. That man injured in the war eventually dies, and Daisy is left overwhelmed with so many emotions. When Ivy arrives and takes a liking to Alfred, Daisy decides she likes Alfred too now. So I have to say Daisy lost her chance, a chance she took much to long to decide to take. I hope for the best for Daisy, but for those holding out for Daisy and Alfred sitting in a tree, they might need to change their tune.

This episode also reveled the pregnancy of Lady Edith. This revelation did not surprise me one bit. I knew last week when her Aunt was warning her about spending time with a married man, that there was going to be trouble. The episode started with the fact the Lady Edith's love is missing in action. She hasn't heard from him for a while. You might remember her last trip to London, when Michael Gregson told Edith he could give a divorce from his mentally ill wife if he went to Germany. Then the two of them could then be together.  It appears he went to Germany and never returned. Edith is worried sick and now she gets a letter from her doctor confirming her pregnancy. Oh no! I am quite sure this is not going to go over well.

The rest of this episode if filled with Lord Grantham's birthday celebration. Cousin Rose has brought in a band to play, and the band leader is black man she saw perform that last time she visited London. You knew then that Rose took a liking to the singer and the feeling was mutual. The staff is taken by surprise, as are many of the Cousin Robert's guests. But Robert takes it in stride, enjoying his birthday and the surprise party. In the end he is very thankful for the music and the fun and sends Lady Mary to share his gratitude. When she goes downstairs to do so she finds Lady Rose and the singer kissing in the hall where the servants eat. She interrupts them, says thanks, give Rose a scolding glance, and then heads back upstairs. Rose you know is one who likes to get her way, and is definitely breaking the mold when it comes to how the women behave at Downton. I imagine there are many good Rose stories yet to come.

The scenes for next week look promising. Lady Edith will still be concerned, and unsure of what to do, and her Aunt will press her for information. We also see Lady Violet fall ill and Isobel Crawley come to aide. It is always great to see these women in the same scenes on this show. The actresses do a wonderful job and the one liners thrown each others way are marvelous.

So my DVR is set to tape next Sunday. Make a minute and set yours, just in case you don't have time to watch it live.