Friday, January 31, 2014

Announcing The Supreme in the best American Horror Story finale yet

After a season of blood, gore, witches and more, we finally see who has all the Seven Wonders to be Supreme. It wasn't all that much of a surprise for me, but the show did a great job at making you rethink your choice when you thought you knew who the new leader would be. In the end we have a nice bow around a very bloody, horrific, tale of magic, and mayhem.

Now I warn you if you haven't watched the end of the Coven you don't want to read any further. For those of you have watched I am hoping you enjoyed it as much as I did. In a battle of powers, the women of the Coven compete to see who can complete the Seven Wonders Challenge. It starts fast and furious, and Misty is out before the game really gets going. As the competition heats up, you see Zoe accidently impaled, and Madison refuse to save her. With that Madison decides she is hitting the road. She can't take the heat so she is getting out of the Coven.

For those of you who thought Madison had what it takes to be the Supreme,  early on, I think the writers made it very clear she wasn't going to make the cut in the end. I think they wrote her as the obvious choice when the show started, but after Fiona slit her throat I knew she wasn't the one. In the finale the competition get too intense for Madison and she realizes she has to go before someone tells her she is just an ordinary witch. Madison, the ex-hollywood starlet, doesn't do ordinary. So as she stomps off to pack her bags. She doesn't get very far. Who better to finalize her then the boy she built, Kyle (who happens to be her boyfriend in the real world.) Kyle is furious that Madison won't bring Zoe back to life, so he makes sure Madison doesn't make it back to hollywood. His act is covered up by the butler, the help, as he calls himself. It is a fitting end because most people would say "the Butler did it" anyway.

With Madison out of the way, the competition continues and it doesn't take long for Cordelia to reign Supreme. With all the things this woman has sacrificed for the Coven it's only fitting she is the winner. I mean she did gouge her own eyes out to "see" the truth. So Cordelia will be in charge from now on. It's a nice feeling of serenity, to know the girls that remain (oh, Cordelia brings Zoe back) will be taken care of. Queenie and Zoe will be on the Council, and other witches, and those who think they are witches, are invited to the school. The house which was nearly fills with women dressed in black ready to lead the lives they were destine.

Roll credits, and a little more Stevie Nicks if you don't mind while we dream about the next installment of American Horror Story. There are reports that there were hints in this seasons episode about what's to come, but I didn't get them. I do know 1950's is the year, and Jessica Lange is working on her German accent.  Sarah Paulson is set to return along with others. They have some work to do to beat this year's cast, but something tells me I will not be disappointed.  So until then, work on your Telekinesis, Divination, Transmutation, Pyrokinesis, Concillium, Descensum and Vitalum Vitalia, and we'll talk after the Season 4 premiere.