Monday, January 27, 2014

Justified is back on FX and This is some Good TV

Justified has returned to FX and I considered not setting my DVR. Now it's not that I don't like it, because I do, but if you have read my blog title, then you know it's a little crowded on the DVR. I gave it some thought and then a light bulb appeared over my head (not really) and I remembered we have a second DVR upstairs (that my husband tapes his shows on). So I tipped toed up the stairs (because that's what you do when you are trying to be sneaky) and made sure that DVR was set to tape Justified Season 5. Looking back, I am so happy I made this decision because it is never too crowded for Boyd Crowder.

If you don't know the name Boyd Crowder, I suggest you make a minute, and introduce yourself. He is a very well written character, played by Walton Goggins, who will make you laugh and then makes you cry, all while shaking your head because most of the time he is doing those things while doing something very stupid and dangerous. He lives to win, and he hates when people try to get the best of him. He has a heart, and a love, who happens to be behind bars so far this season. He is a Harlan, Kentucky man, born and raised, and he is not leaving, no matter how hard he is pushed. He seems to have his hands in just about everything. He owns a bar, meets with drug dealers, and has women for hire. He is not a wealthy man, in fact he does what he does to keep his head above water. His most entertaining quality is his ability to speak in a way that mesmerizes you. He words come out so smooth and poetic you can't help but listen; and if you didn't buy what he was selling before he started to talk, you will certainly be writing a check by the time he is finished. On a side note, I just saw Mr. Goggins play a transexual escort in Sons of Anarchy, and he was great.

Back to Justified and another character that will also make you laugh and shake your head, Crowder's nemesis Raylan Givins. He is one attractive man, but I like to give him a little more credit then just that. He is a US Marshall. He spends his time finding the bad guys, and with them he finds all kinds of trouble. He and Boyd have known each other for years, and you can tell his relationships with many people in town show he has been around a while. I like this character professionally, he does a good job and is entertaining as he does it. I still haven't decided what's going on with him personally. He seems to care about his baby and the baby's mama, but that is the most emotion you see out of Raylan. We've seen him get busy in past episodes, but we haven't seen him get serious. Maybe in his line of work, it's not worth it. I try not to think he is a complicated character. If I do that complicates my television watching. And all of that thinking, is not worth it.

Two important characters, an hour show. It's really not that complicated. Now they sprinkle in some supporting cast. This year it's the Crowe family. A lively bunch with a connection to Harlan (of course.) Michael Rapaport plays Darryl Crowe and he is a pleasure to watch. A favorite of mine from Prison Break and My name is Earl, it's great to see him hanging out with my friends on Justified. He is causing trouble, and not backing down. Just what Harlan needs, another bully. Darryl, who came up from Florida, has a cousin he is picking on, but I am pretty sure his bullying won't end there. The Crowes are this season's problem for Raylan, along with Boyd, who is always a problem for Raylan.

So make a minute, and watch Justified. I know it's one more thing to add to your list, but if that lists already full, what's one more thing? Right? Now you do have some past seasons to catch up on if you want to understand the history, or you can just start now and take what I told you, and read a little google, and you will be set. It's a simple show, with good writing, good acting, great stories, and some good one liners. Believe me after a few episodes you'll be able to justify why you are watching it.