Saturday, January 18, 2014

So it's back to Nashville, but this Rodeo might be a little crowded for me

My shows are coming back and you know what that means, my DVR is 76% full.. YIKES! Time to get caught up. So last night that is exactly what I did. Started the laundry, sat down and looked at my list. Nashville ended in dramatic fashion when it took it's winter break, so I decided it was time to turn this Rodeo on and see what was next, and I wow did I see a lot.

I have to say it's a twisted tale these Nashvillians lead, and what was easy to follow, last season, is a little harder to follow now. Some more characters are moving to front and center, and in my opinion, it's getting a little crowded. I watched, fast forwarded a little, was able to get the gist. I am still not sure what I think about the this "gist."

Now you know I am not one to give anything away, but Teddy has a story, and Deacon has a story, and Rayna has a story. Juliette, Scarlet Gunnar and Will all have a story, (not together, well kinda together) and don't forget a little guest appearance by Kelly Clarkson. I don't know about you, but that's a whole lotta stories for a show that is only an hour long.

To make matters worse, I am also not a fan of what they are doing to Scarlet's character. She is jeopardizing her ex-boyfriend's career because she is hurt by the fact he is sleeping with her best friend. Now I would agree that's upsetting, especially since you know Scarlet still has feelings for Gunnar, but come on. Her inexperience in life, love and business is really showing through this episode. I am waiting for her to realize what a jerk she's being. As I still root for her and Gunnar, I realize that's going to leave his new girl in the cold (what's her name again), oh yeah that's right I can't remember. So I guess that means she should find her coat, because I am hoping she is on the way out. I am hoping the exchanges of "I love you" this episode spells doom for Gunnar and what's her name. Oh I think I forgot to mark that last sentence as a SPOILER ALERT. Believe me, the "I love you's" are not that exciting.

Juliette's career mess and constant screw ups continues to enthrall me. This episode her quote about God is taken out of context. Imagine that. I love seeing her do stupid things, and then start ordering people around to save her. I have to say I am liking the Avery part of this story. Juliette starting to have feelings for Avery shows us her likable side, too bad we are going to have to wait to see how this plays out, because scenes for next time show us feeling very sorry for poor Juliette. It's time for us to love her again, because we have hated her for a while now. Not sure how long I can stay on this roller coaster, it rides very much like the Deacon train.

It is time for Deacon to do something grand. Show us he isn't a washed up guitar hero, and make some very big grown up, got it together waves. Teddy is distracted, he won't notice, Rayna won't be able to look away, daughter Maddy will be impressed, and the audience will have to decide who to root for: Deacon and his new girl, Megan or Deacon and Rayna. I think we are suppose to like Rayna, but man that lady has a lot on her plate.

So as you sit down to catch up on Nashville, I have to say get ready for information, character overload. If you have trouble keeping up, you may need your score card. I am thinking it might be time to write in a tragedy, that wipes out half the cast. It's still enjoyable, but don't get me wrong, give me too much to keep track of and it will start feeling like my own, overwhelming life. I watch Nashville to escape that feeling. #Nashvilleisbackanditscrowded