Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's time to return to my roots

For years I looked forward to sitting in front of my television and watching the Golden Globes. I absolutely loved seeing all of the actors and actresses walk down the red carpet. I couldn't get enough of the dresses, the hair and the make-up. I watched every pre-show there was, flipping back and forth. The next day at the office, I would stand by the water cooler and discuss who won, who should have won, and what movies I was going to try to see in the coming year.

Then the children came. What can I say. Those of you with children know exactly what I am talking about. First the pre-shows went away. I didn't get to see the best dressed, before they accepted their award. I never even saw the red carpet. It didn't take long for the entire award show to go on without me. You know there is so much more to do when the kids come, and the more children you have, the more you have to do. So I tried to get the kids tucked in before the show began, but then there was laundry, and getting the backpacks ready, and before I knew it my eyelids were trying to close and I hadn't even turned on the show. So I reluctantly said good-by to the Golden Globes. Like so many award shows before it, it was time to give it up and get the things done that really had to be done.

Now after several years of taking care of business, I have realized that it was time to take care of me ... i mean right? It's 2014 and I am returning to my seat, on the couch, in front of my television, for the Golden Globes. So here I sit and it feels good. Now I have a confession. I didn't start watching until 1030, but in my defense... i still have to get all the other stuff done. I can't just abandoned my mom duties, to watch a bunch of famous people drink wine and accept awards, no matter how awesome it is.

The last half hour is always the best. So I am very happy to be sitting here watching it live. I just saw Matthew McConaughey take the Golden Globe in a category with Tom Hanks and Robert Redford. That will be a performance I will add to my must see list. I can only imagine what's going through Hanks and Redford's heads as they listen to McConaughey acceptance speech. He has come a long way.

The point of my Golden Globe post tonight is not to share my thoughts on the award winners, but to remind people to make a minute to do the things that bring them joy. Once you get away from that it is really hard to get back to. I think this past year was spent trying to make too many people happy. You need to be true to yourself, and do the things that make you enjoy life. When what you do makes you happy ends up enriching the life of others, then that's a bonus.