Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Buckle your couch/recliner seat belt, it's a new year!

I can't believe it's been this long since I posted. This holiday season really kept me busy. The kids being off school, really kept me busy. Then the "polar vortex" swept in, and added more days to my kid's vacation, and finally I have made a minute, to get you up to speed.

Up to speed on what you ask? DVR 2014, that's what. Do you know what you're taping? Tonight is Tuesday January 7th, that means Hostages is over, Pretty Little Liars is back, Football is nearly over, Justified starts it's new season, tomorrow American Horror Story returns, and the "Winter Finale" that had me so worked up last blog, is an afterthought.

Revenge is already back, after it's Winter finale. You saw Emily Thorne get shot and fall off the yacht as she was taking her honeymoon cruise. Not a bad twist to a show that I thought several times was dying. I am very concerned this season as I continue to watch, but I will stick around as a courtesy to the writers who continue to surprise me.

In just one week, Showtime will begin a new season of Shameless, and House of Lies (this is your reminder to set your DVR). Both are  very entertaining shows, although past seasons better then the last. I am hopeful there are more stories to tell about the disfunctional Gallagher Family, and that I love every minute of it. House of Lies has great actors telling a very messed up story, but Kristen Bell and Don Cheadle tell it so well that I keep watching.

I am still trying to catch up on Sons of Anarchy. Right now Season 5 is staring me in the face on Netflix, but I haven't had a minute to push the button. I am afraid to start a new season, with so many shows on the horizon. During my children's "Winter Break", I took a 3 day break from SOA I did manage to fit in a whole season of Orange is the new Black. That's 13 episodes of a Netflix original and definately worth a gander.

So as I am restructoring my DVR list, taking a close look at my priority settings, I hope you are making a minute to do the same. It's 2014 do you know what you're watching? #Itis2014#Doyouknowwhatyouarewatching?