Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mixing Zombies & Witches for a night to remember

Wow! American Horror Story is pulling out all the stops and it is fun to watch. I can't tell you how excited I was that I had two episodes on the DVR. It starts with the witches but by the end of the first episode I had to watch, there were Zombies all over the place. If I didn't have obligations in the morning, I would have watched the second episode right away. But duty calls, so I had to wait, but patience is a virtue. At least that's what I've heard.

This afternoon I loaded up the second of the two episodes and I was happy I waited. It really is a show you shouldn't rush. It is ridiculous how fun it is to watch. Now I think I told you before, I am usually afraid to watch Horror at night. So I did watch this episode in the middle of the day. For those horror enthusiast it doesn't take anything away from the episode. The zombies looked good. Very good, just like the Walking Dead. They were very secondary to the story that American Horror is trying to tell. They used them to get you to understand the relationship between Kathy Bates character and her daughters (who are deceased). The episode designed  to make you feel a little for a woman considered a monster in her time.

The episode also brought new light to the powers held by two characters. One main and the other a supporting. I think what was revealed with be very important in the weeks to come, especially with the introduction of the next Supreme. We haven't seen her yet, but we have an idea of who she is. As the Supreme gets more apparent, the character played by Jessica Lange will most likely fade into the background. Believe me she isn't going down without a fight.

This is a great third story of American Horror Story. I would love to talk more but I am afraid I would give too much away. All three stories have a unique tale and have been very entertaining to watch. The writers and the producers are pushing the envelope with this one, and it's really paying off with this viewer. If you can make a minute, it's not too late to turn this one on. This is a train wreck you just can't look away from.