Monday, November 18, 2013

It's a Scandal like you've never seen before

Wow, did you all watch Scandal Thursday night on ABC? Talk about a good show. Just when I start to think network primetime is on the way out, ABC hits me with this show. It is really good, and with every episode I get more intrigued, which is what a good show should do right? I have to say I probably DVR 2 shows a night, sometimes 3, and not many hold my attention like Scandal. This past Thursday there were so many reveals, and the show was done in such an unique way, that I watched every second. Even found myself watching the commercials, because I was in shock, and couldn't move to push the fast forward button.

This is not a spoiler blog, so I don't want to give anything away, so if you watch you should be able to follow me very well. If you don't I am hoping what I write will encourage you to make a minute, and watch an episode or two. Now you have to start at the beginning, and this is Season 3. So before you hit close and move on to someone else's blog, I have to say watching a couple of back seasons of a show is not as hard as you may think. I have been getting very good at it. So I will tell you, first find the first two seasons. That's the hardest part. Once you start watching you will find it's easier to watch an entire season when it's at your fingertips, then watching the show as it airs. Having 13 or so episodes right there, is awesome. ABC has been very good at putting up shows on it's website so try that first. I do not buy shows, so I don't suggest paying for seasons, but everyone is different.

Once you get hooked you can set your DVR to record on Thursday night's at 10. Right after Grey's Anatomy, which is another great drama. This week I couldn't watch my Thursday shows until Monday, but that just means I am guilty of having a very busy weekend. So I sat down this morning, cup of coffee in hand, and realized very quickly why I usually watch this show at night with my red wine. It was off the charts (can I use that phrase at my age?)

Olivia Pope is investigating the plane crash that killed her mother. It involves many important players in the show, and now she is inviting her team to help her. As the investigation is underway, the episode take you into the life of the First Lady. Throughout the seasons you have learned to love Millie Grant, and then you have decided to hate her, and then maybe you've felt sorry for her. Now you will see how it all started, back with the now President Grant was deciding to run for Governor. You will watch Millie in action, and once again you will be Team Millie. Just when you hated her, you learn some things that will make you reconsider your feeling toward this meddling, controlling First Lady.

The flashes back to the life that was, was great. It was done in a way so you were not confused about what was then and what is present day. Along with learning more about Millie, there is also something that comes to light, that I believe will make its way  to present day and cause all kinds of trouble. This one we will have to wait for.

I will say I am a little tired of Olivia Pope and her yelling at the President. How he did this, and he did that. I would say she whines a lot, considering the people she surrounds herself with. The company she keeps, are the type of people she claims she can't understand. I do understand that she is a little in shock right now, but to accuse the President of not being the person she thought he was... I mean come on.. I don't think any of the people she hangs out with are who they really are. She doesn't seem like the fairy tale type, so she needs to move on and stop with the speeches that say the same thing every episode.

That's really my only criticism. The show is otherwise well written. The twist and turns will make you stop breathing and your stomach hurt a little. The roller coaster lasts almost an hour, especially if you forget to fast forward through the commercials. If you can make about 60 minutes, I suggest you do, because everyone needs a little Scandal in their lives.