Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Looking for a good laugh?

I have to tell you I love to laugh. I would recommend everyone do more of it. Laughing is the best medicine, I think someone said. I would love to laugh more, if someone would give me something to laugh at. I watch comedy on television, but most of it is not funny. I will try anything. Have tried most things and I have to say it's very hard to find a good funny show. On a whim I tried a show called The Millers. I think you can find it on CBS if you are interested, and if you like to laugh, you should be interested.

It begins with a son who is dealing with his mom and dad who have decided after 40 something years they can't be married anymore. So the mom moves in with the son, and the dad moves in with the daughter. The siblings live in the same town, and the see each other all the time, which means so do the mom and dad. Both of the actors who play the mother and father are well known. I think that is what attracted me to the show in the first place. The father is played by Beau Bridges, and I really like that guy. So I ordered it up on demand, and much to my surprise, I couldn't stop laughing.

The son is someone you'll recognize too, but I don't know the actor by name. The others I don't recognize. They put the show after the  Big Bang Theory which is helpful for a comedy starting out. The Big Bang is popular, even though I stopped laughing a couple of season's ago. The only two comedies I still crack up at (other then The Millers) is The Middle and Modern Family. If you watch the award shows you know the whole country is laughing at Modern Family. I really feel like The Middle is better, but that might be because I relate to the whole middle class family story they have going.

I would guess comedies are hard to write. Everyone's sense of humor is a little different. I can't imagine trying to write something that appeals to everyone. I just don't know if it is possible. So then your task is to write something that appeals to most people. That is something else that seems impossible to me. People are so uptight these days. They run around, a mile a minute, too busy to laugh. Now writers of dramas have it easier, because when the busy people slow down, they usually have a drink, and drunk people cry easily, and then you have a good drama. You know the one that pulls at your drunken heart strings.

I wrote this entry to encourage you to laugh a little. Make a minute, and pull up "The Millers" on demand. I have watched three episodes so far, and have laughed most of the 30 minutes. Then have a drink, and pull up Parenthood on NBCondemand, and let the tears flow. A good laugh, a good cry and you'll sleep like a baby.