Monday, October 21, 2013

I heart Zombies! Walking Dead must be on your DVR

I never thought it was possible. Most of my life I was afraid of every horror film every made. Most of the time deciding to watch the scary film in the middle of the day. Yep, I was that kid. Scary movies, surprise parties, going anywhere in the dark just wasn't for me. Knowledge is power, and I needed to know everything. I do not like surprises. Especially ones that were going to keep me awake all night.

Friday the 13th is one movie that sticks in my mind very vividly. I remember watching with my cousin over my Grandma's house. We watched the whole thing at night, which was totally against my wishes. Afterwards neither me or my cousin would go anywhere without the other. Even to the bathroom. It's very hard to go, with another person standing so close to you, but at least I didn't get slashed by Jason while I was indisposed.

So now it's Zombies grabbing my attention, on Sunday nights. Except it seems that I have grown up a little, and I have no problem watching it at night. Those of you who watch Walking Dead are familiar with the attraction I am talking about. It didn't take much to convince me to return this season. I caught up on the previous 3 seasons on a marathon, some days watching 3 episodes in one day. You could say I was addicted. The episodes go fast, holding your attention the entire time. The Zombies and the killing of Zombies is a little hard to stomach at first, but I can tell you, you get used to it. The show does a great job at making you care about all the people. The Zombies are scary at times, but they become a constant, something you can count on being there, some of the people on the other hand are not.

Without giving too much away, this season starts off very strong. Episode one eased in to how the people are surviving, with Zombies so close to them every day. You got to meet some new people, that have joined the group, because it is now 7 months or so ahead of where they left off.  New people means extra people. That means more people to die first, before they hit the core cast that have been with us 3 seasons. With this said, it doesn't make the deaths any easier to deal with. Episode 2 was very suspenseful, I do believe I held my breath much of the hour. I also believe I hid my eyes too. Which I don't remember doing since Friday the 13th, so Bravo Walking Dead.

I am not a scary show watcher. I don't go to horror movies. I don't watch horror movie previews on television. In the last few years I have let Walking Dead and American Horror Story make their way onto my DVR. I have to say this is television watching at its best. I know people don't have time to watch all of the shows I do, but when you decide to make a minute for yourself, you should watch Walking Dead. You won't be disappointed.