Sunday, October 16, 2016

How To Get Away With Murder Still Gets Me Every Time

I am unable to figure out the twist before it happens. That's one requirement of a good show in my book. How To Get Away With Murder on ABC still twists and turns and I am along for the ride, shaking my head at every new reveal. It a show I wasn't even going to watch, but many seasons ago a friend said "You should watch..." and now here I am. Very glad I did.

This season started a while ago, but you know my DVR is collecting my shows until I have more time to watch. This weekend I sat on the couch and binged a bit. Sometimes that is easier then remembering what happened week to week. This Thursday we found out who was pulled out of Annalise's house...not the dead someone, but the alive someone. As always if you don't want to know you should stop reading right here. If you are up for a little spoiler action then continue...

It did throw me for a loop and at this point I am not sure what to think. Now only do they do the big reveal, but they tell us the woman pulled from the house on fire issue PREGNANT. HMMM... now that is another twist. Along with that surprise, we see how Annalise is going to get out of her latest conundrum. This woman really is a genius. Or is she a psychopath??? I really do go back and forth. Puppet master is another title I would give her. Can you believe how she gets everyone to do whatever she wants??? She is going to use her so called drinking problem as a way to get her license to practice law re-instated. It is a great plan. Even her old girlfriend said the same. She does drink a lot. Is she truly an alcoholic? Maybe, but she sure will pretend to be if it gets her out of trouble. The bitch in charge of her at the university (i.e. actress from Dexter) better be watching her back, because you should not mess with Annalise.

I am really underwhelmed with all the sex talk. Why must we mention sex every other segment of the show. Do focus groups tend to focus more when the word SEX is yelled at them every few minutes? This show has more to offer than sex, and adding in gay sex doesn't make it more interesting. The gay couple does add a dynamic to the show that other primetime dramas may not have, but I don't need to see them having sex or fighting about having sex with other people. I think Oliver said it best to his ex-boyfriend Connor "have as much sex as you want, just quit pushing it in my face." Thank you Oliver.

So Frank is still on the run and he's killing people along the way. He is one talented guy. Like Annalise  he is also smart, but he leans a little more psychopath to me. I really have to wonder what Laurel sees in him. She keeps trying to find him and save him. He killed the guy that Annalise hired to "find" him. And by find I mean kill. Now he kills Bonnie's dad. The history therre is Bonnie's dad molested her as a child. Frank felt he was jut giving the man what he deserved. It shows Frank still has a heart, and next week Bonnie will find Frank and we will finally find out what is going on. Well not really, because we never really know what's going on.

The other players of this program are kind of boring me right now, but with the twists and turns they could be the topic of discussion next time. Oh and before I go Laurel is the alive person pulled from Annalise's burning house. Laurel is pregnant. I have to guess with Frank's kid, but that might not even be true. We can clearly see there is a connection between Laurel and Wes. The way this show jumps around in time, Laurel may have a second to sleep with Wes before this is all said and done. So the baby's daddy is not really set in stone. Truthfully having a psychopath for a father is never a good thing, so Wes may be the better outcome. But we do love a good DNA test...

If you aren't watching this one, you know what I say... make a minute. This one is worth it.

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