Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Is anyone really enjoying Scandal anymore? #Scandalgladiatorsneedtoworkharder

Sometimes people watch shows out of obligation. They have put a lot of time in, and they hate to give up, so they continue to watch. As they do, they hope it gets better, and sometimes it does, but when do we say enough is enough. Throwing in the towel on our favorite show is not an easy decision to make.

This brings me to a very important question: are you enjoying Scandal? I have my towel in hand, but have yet to throw it in. My first problem is I can't stand that everyone does so much to protect President Fitzgerald Grant. As a citizen of the United States, as a woman, as an intelligent person I am so disgusted by these characters that continue to throw themselves under the bus for a man who clearly does not deserve it. Now you may argue with me, but come on!!!! You will need to spin this a lot to convince me.

So this Olivia loves Fitz is so boring! Now before this past Thursday there was a promo that made me think...hmm maybe there will be some entertaining twists and turns, but after watching Thursday I am still not so sure. So throw another Gladiator into the mix to help Olivia when she is down. She actually went down to save President Grant. That man I told you earlier did not deserve it. He is slick and savvy, ready to help Quinn and Huck save Olivia and keep Pope and Associates up and running. We will see where this goes. But it is a good move.

The whining from Cyrus is not a good move. He is a grown man quit making him whine. All he does is talk about everything he lost, everything he gave up to make Fitzgerald Grant the president. Ok we get it. I think his character should have left the scene a while ago. After his husband was killed, he should have taken his newly adopted daughter and started living his own life. Ah, but that life isn't good enough for Cyrus. He wants back in, he wants to help, he will get back into the White House any way he can. He teams up with Millie and you think that is going to be a good thing, until he starts whining again. So either make him swallow his whine or have someone kill him please! He has made this bed he lies in, this life is the one he wanted, so he got screwed instead of doing the screwing. Live with it Cyrus. The scene with him begging the president to come back to work was embarrassing. One because I am not a Fitz fan, but two because Fitz does owe him, and the fact that Cyrus has to tell him that is bull$%!t. Have Cyrus find a way back in to be a bad ass for the president, or make him a Gladiator. They could use a seasoned player on the team.

Don't get me started on the secret mission that Jake is working on that warrants a visit to Olivia's father in prison. Why oh Why are we going back here. I am hoping very soon we start connecting some dots. Not a good move, but I am willing to wait it out.

I guess the fact that I am talking as much as I am about this show says maybe I should stick with it for another minute or two. I made a minute when it started and watched a bunch of episodes on demand so I could get caught up. Back then I was glad I did. Now I just feel like the main characters need to make a decision and stick with it.  I just watched the preview for next week and I am seeing another turn of the cheek for both Olivia and Millie. Millie who wants to support the husband of her children, while her child is watching, then goes behind his back and works on his impeachment. Olivia who wants the world to know she is the president's mistress when the press is watching, then wonders if she is making the right decision when she is by herself.

I feel she is questioning the relationship, the timing, and where Jake fits in to the entire thing. I don't think I have to tell you, I am team Jake. But I don't know how much that matters because this is a story about Olivia and Fitz. I love that they brought a woman in for Jake. It's about time. If he is going to stick around, he needs to have someone to take his attention off Olivia. It will be interesting to see her reaction next week. Great move!

So if you are still making a minute for Scandal I am right there with you. I am considering jumping ship, but have too much faith in Shonda Rhimes to work this one out. It's rough being the faithful fan. I do think the Gladiators will get it together and remind me of why I love this show. They just need to work hard and fast.
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