Friday, October 4, 2013

Make a minute

It's that time of year again. As I put out the pumpkins, scatter some ghosts and goblins throughout the house, I am reminded it's Fall. That means Halloween and Thanksgiving, (Pumpkin spice lattes at my favorite coffee shops), but more importantly it means my DVR will be full. Full of shows I want to watch, and I can't wait to make a minute to watch them.

You can't believe the number of television shows I watch. It seems totally ridiculous to those who know me. Mother of 4 children, ages 4-12. Yes I do homework, run kids to practice, and make dinner occasionally. As I take care of all of my parenting responsibilities, my DVR is hard at work recording all of the shows I will watch, when I can make a minute.

I say "make a minute" because you know there are no extra minutes in the day. Most days busy people have to make time to do the things they really enjoy. We do all the things we are suppose to, and then we lay our heads on our pillows and dream about what we really wanted to do.

So what I really want to talk to you about is what about those Fall shows. I really want to know what everyone is watching, so I can add a couple more to my list. I told a friend of mine, who also watches too much TV (yes there is such a thing), that my DVR might blow up this fall. Now all I have is a Time Warner box. 2 actually, but the one upstairs is reserved for my husband's shows. He got tired of seeing my list 99% full.

Tonight I watched Grey's Anatomy, followed by Parenthood, followed by Scandal recap, followed by the actual Scandal. Now that didn't happen all in one sitting, but I got it all in throughout my day. I also FF (fast forwarded) through a couple of General Hospitals. I love my stories, but they rank low on list these days. I FF through so I can keep up.

Now before you wonder how I fit in all these hours of  Television. It does help that I am a stay at home mom. Now I can see you shaking your head, that it is all making sense. But stop shaking and keep reading. I am a stay at home mom but I do babysit children during the day; 4 days a week. So in additional to all that television I just talked about, I also watched 3 episodes of SpongeBob, 2 Wild Kratts, a little Mickey and Jake and the Neverland pirates. Not to mention something new called the Paw Patrol (jury is still out on this one.)

I do take care of the kids I watch, but when the baby is napping, or it's lunch time, I may take my IPAD and watch a little something. So please tell me what your are watching, and next time we will talk in detail about what I am watching. Be prepared for some spoilers, and some thoughts on what might happen next.

There is nothing better about watching your favorite show, but talking about it is almost as fun. So do me a favor and  "make a minute."